Ends, Beginnings and a Good Send Off

The End Or Maybe Not – Our House

Boris on the drive
Our current and new home

Last week saw us emptying our house and making numerous trips to our furnitures new home namely 2 x 20ft storage containers. As rooms emptied  my lovely Mum and I began the task of cleaning each room from top to bottom to ensure everything was gleaming – with 11 rooms plus a double garage to clean it certainly kept us occupied. As the week went on it became apparent that it was unlikely that any exchange of contracts was going to take place before our moving out date of Friday 8th Jan. This left us with a big decision: Do we pull out of the sale all together and let it out or Do we give our buyers a little more time for the delays further down the chain to be sorted out. Either way we now had to re-paint a room that we hadn’t previously done and lay a new carpet in case the whole thing falls through and we have to let it out. With our buyers begging us not to pull out we are going to now leave it to fate (and the solicitors) and see what happens over the next couple of weeks. Having now painted our office and with the new carpet being laid tomorrow and our letting agent briefed  just in case we can now prepare to say our goodbyes.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

We have never needed much excuse to have a party and so couldn’t leave without saying our goodbyes. Thanks to all our gorgeous friends and family we had a fabulous night. We were still on a high the following morning. And the goodbyes were made somewhat easier as my sis & family and my mum have already planned to hook up with us on route in February…….5 weeks without seeing them……I can cope with that!

Let the adventure begin

So on Wednesday we will be heading South towards Southampton and using a Britstop for an overnight stay as on Thursday we start our new life of leisure in style. Thanks to Pauls daughter Holly we have a Spa Day at the Marriott Hotel in Southampton for the day on Thursday. I think I could get used to that sort of thing! And then on Friday the real journey begins ………. Hola Espania !

Love Andi & Paul


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  1. Freddie Wilson says:

    Best of luck guys. Following with interest as we are doing the same in just 6 weeks or so. Found the blog very useful and it’s reassuring that we are not the only mad people doing this. See you on the road. Look out for a Bailey 765 waving with massive smiles. Happy adventure. #living the dream.


    1. Wow not long then now folks. Already feel like we’re living the dream and we have not even left the UK yet. A little stressful leading up to it but all worth it in the end so keep the faith. See you on the road. Adios for now x


  2. Have a fantastic trip! Cheers from Iceland. We will be following your blog.This is us:
    Happy Camping!


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