Sunshine Getaway (we hope)

It feels like a long time since we were last in Boris travelling, despite it being just over 2 months ago since we had a quick 3 day jaunt to The Lake District.  Although we’ve squeezed in a weeks all inclusive holiday to Turkey and a 5 night visit to see our friends and fellow motorhomers Dave & Paula in Spain only last week, hitting the road in our motorhome again really does still fill us with excitement.

Last year with abundant sunshine for months on end we decided that after travelling extensively in Europe it would be nice to see some of the UK. Only 2 weeks ago we were wondering what moment of madness had led us to make this decision as we headed out the door in mid June in winter boots and coats, unable to use an umbrella against the horizontal rain due to the gale force winds! Now I don’t want to speak to soon, but summer seems to have arrived at last and we are hoping it lasts throughout our trips to Cornwall and then Ireland.

Relocating ourselves much further north now means that Cornwall is now some 380 miles away from home, so with a quick bit of planning we opted to do a few stops enroute to our final destination near Fowey where we are meeting with family.

Our first night was at the pretty Worcestershire town of Upton On Severn. Many moons ago Upton used to be a port, as well as being the only river crossing for miles. For centuries it was alive with river craft transporting goods. Today pleasure craft have taken over ferrying the many tourists that visit along the river on pleasure cruises. Many of the towns building date back to the 17th century, now housing an array of shops, cafe’s and restaurants. Despite it’s compact size, you certainly won’t go thirsty here. It’s reported that back in 1822 there were 17 taverns in the town, 8 of the original establishments still exist today! The town hosts several festivals throughout the year such as, The Jazz Festival, The Blues Festival and the Sunshine Festival when the town really comes alive. As our visit was midweek, we were able to enjoy a relatively quiet amble around. We followed an easy walking route along the banks of the rivers, out through to the Upton Hams ( .

As our journey South West would be taking us along the M5, we took the opportunity to catch up with some friends from when we had our business who live just outside Taunton. With Boris squeezed on to Chris and Ange’s drive, we were able to catch up on each others lives during the 5 years since we last met. With the sun shining they plied us with drinks and filled us with delicious food. It felt like 5 minutes since we’d all last caught up rather than the 5 years it had been.

Inching further south into north Cornwall, we made our way the the pretty coastal village of Tintagel. Steeped in history the name of  Tintagel immediately conjures images of King Arthur and the legends associated with him.

Tintagle.jpg 7
My night in shining Armour

The blackened ruins of Tintagel Castle brood over the coast. Unfortunately the castle is currently closed due to bridge repairs so we will have to put it on our list for another time.



Tintagel Old Post OfficeTintagel Old Post Office

In the town itself, the Old Post Office is originally a fourteenth century manor house with a topsy-turvy slate roof, recently restored and now one of the National Trust’s most attractive small buildings. In addition, there is a Roman milestone from around 250AD in the parish church.

Parking for the motorhome is very central and costs just £4 a night on a grassy area next to the King Arthur Pub. An introduction to our neighbours led to us all realising that we had been in touch via messages earlier in the year when we were both in Spain. An enjoyable evening followed exchanging stories over a few beers. At Chris and Tess’s recommendation we spent the following day taking in the glorious coastal scenery. There are several coastal paths you can follow from the village, we followed the one into Boscastle and although a little undulated, if you’re reasonably fit then the scenery is certainly worth it.

Tess and Chris
Fellow Motorhomers Chris and Tess

Our Sleepy Spots

Upton On Severn, GPS 52.064934 –2.220128 We parked on a mixed use car park on Hanley Road the edge of the town. The car park is spacious, but does have some lorries that use it for overnight so expect some noise as they leave throughout the early hours. The normal cost for 24 hours is £3, although the ticket machines were out of order when we were there so we parked for free.

Tintagel, GPS 50.664564 –4.752159 Mixed car park with dedicated area for motorhomes on grass. Right in the centre of the village and only £4 for 24 hours. Water tap located on the wall by the pay meter in the motorhome area.

Tintagle.jpg 15
The parking at Tintagel

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Alun Davies says:

    Great to be reading your posts again. Always enjoyable.


    1. Thanks for following x


  2. Alun Davies says:

    Great to be reading your posts again. Always enjoyable.


  3. Steve says:

    Great read. Plenty on here to think about for our next venture.


    1. Sorry for the late reply Steve, we’ve been too busy travelling. It’s nice to see some of the UK and the weather’s been very kind to us. Will update the blog again soon. Happy travels x


  4. Great to read your blog and hear you are travelling again, lovely to read all the details and hear your renewed enjoyment.
    Amazing to see Chris and Tess who we also met when we were in Zambujeria and Lagos in Portugal in Nov 2018. Very weirdly we also met them again at Chelston Motorhomes in May this year! Small world.


    1. Hi both, it’s certainly a small world isn’t it. It’s been great to see some more of the UK this time around and for once the weather’s been fantastic. I will update the blog on our adventures soon. Keep smiling. Andi and Paul x


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