Boris is causing Havoc

car driving keys repair
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Do you think the name has cursed our motorhome?  Back in 2015 when our sister in law chose it , we really didn’t consider that it could bite us on the bum at a later date.

You may remember that back in August when we were meant to be going to Ireland, Boris had other ideas. When the key couldn’t be recognised by the immobiliser we were towed to a Peugeot dealer in Anglesey where Boris remained for several weeks. When we collected him though we quickly realised that although we then had a set of functioning keys that meant we could drive him once again, they only opened the cab doors and not the habitation door and would not operate the alarm, so it was back to the dealer again. They had to re-order the correct key and after several conversations agreed that once it arrived we could take it somewhere nearer home to get it coded to the vehicle.

In the meantime despite having had a new water pump fitted when in Portugal last year at an eye watering €220 it wasn’t long before it started playing up again and pulsing when no taps were open. We figured that if it wasn’t the pump then maybe we had a small leak that was causing the issue. We booked him into CS Caravans in Accrington who after several weeks of investigation couldn’t find a leak anywhere despite having ripped apart our bathroom and kitchen areas to search for one. Instead they thought we must have been unfortunate and had a faulty pump fitted, so it’s been replaced again and we are hoping this one lasts a little longer!

It seems sometimes life throws little challenges your way and amidst Boris’ issues we faced having to evict some tenants who we found had been subletting one of our properties. They’d managed to squeeze 8 into a 2 bed flat! With a quick exit we had some renovations and tidying up to do before it was in a fit state to re-let. All the time this was being let it was supposedly being managed by a letting agent who we were paying a full management fee too, needless to say they are no longer managing any of our properties.

Whilst we were away though our new key arrived (the correct one this time) so we got Boris booked in for getting it coded to the vehicle.  It didn’t take the dealer long to do it, but afterwards our alarm was still not working. As the dealer didn’t have time to look at it whilst we were there, we came away a little concerned that the ongoing saga was still not over.

The  Peugeot dealer had also managed to break one of the front Remis blinds so  we also neededto get that replaced.  At a whopping £270 they weren’t too happy about having to pay to replace it, but had little choice, so this week he’s been into Crossleys at Leyland who have pulled out all the stops to fit our blind quickly.

After speaking with both Peugeot in Anglesey and the alarm manufacturer, Paul was hoping he could get it all working again . I almost did a little dance in the car park when I heard it go off.

Amongst all of this palaver we have also had to find a new place to store Boris when we are not travelling as the owner of our current  site has sold the land. We were very fortunate that a local Cassoa Gold site had a new space become available and so he moves to his new home in a couple of weeks.

With all this finally behind us we feel like we can now start to put plans in place for our next trip to Morocco in a few weeks time.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

Andi x

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  1. And all this takes loads of admin time. Don’t know how work ever fitted in. We’ve had a similar busy 4 months … and keep checking my to do list as it seems too short!


    1. I feel your pain, we’ve found ourselves questioning how we used to fit work in too! I’ve spent most of this week trying to sort out insurances, but that’s for another blog!
      I hope you can put your To Do list aside soon.

      Best wishes
      Andi x


  2. Paula says:

    Blimey you two! I felt worn out reading that! Hopefully that’s the end of it, now and you can enjoy planning your next trip. Xx


    1. Hi Paula, it’s certainly been a challenging few weeks but we hope it’s behind us now. Although I’ve another blog to write on insurances!!! Morocco has proved challenging!!! Just hope it’ll be worth it when we get there.
      Lots of love


  3. Good grief sounds like you and Boris have been through the mill. Fingers crossed for your trip and take a spare key!! Look forward to hearing about your trip in due course.
    Lucy and Chris


    1. Hi both,

      We had spare keys but the motorhome couldn’t read either of them. Let’s hope it never happens again, especially in Morocco!!!
      Fingers crossed we will be on the road again soon. What are you guys up to this winter?

      Regards Andi & Paul

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      1. We are currently touring again in Spain. Came down from Bilbao west of Madrid, taking in 4 cities, dipped down to the coast at La Duquesa, back up to Ronda visiting numerous places. Now heading east along the coast, currently at Las Negras.
        Happy travels for you both.
        Lucy x


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