Morocco route and stops

Well with the world in turmoil our Morocco trip feels like a lifetime ago rather than just a few weeks. At least we got out and back into Spain before they closed the borders. We have now made an earlier than planned return back home to the UK and as we are practising two weeks self isolation in case we picked up anything en route before our return. This has of course left us with plenty of time so here are details of our stops in Morocco.

Our route took us a short distance down the coast from Asilah to Moulay Bouselham, we then headed inland to Meknes and across the mountains to the desert, following the coast back up when we headed north. In hindsight we are so glad we chose this route as the coast here really didn’t hold much interest for us and we wondered if we’d have chosen to do it first would we have found the place quite so enchanting. Without doubt our favourite stops were in Erg Chebbi in the Sahara desert at the amazing Haven Le Chance campsite where you have panoramic views of the desert and the wild camping in the charming town of Tafraroute.

Morocco is definitely a marmite place and the people we met along the way either loved it or loathed it. If you follow our blog you will know by now that we were in the former group and are excited about going back again, possibly next winter if we are allowed to travel again by then!!!


Whilst we are all spending more time confined over the coming weeks, if you are using it to plan a future trip and have any questions please fire them our way.

Stay safe and well all.

Andi and Paul

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  1. thegreygappers says:

    Hi guys,

    Great to hear you are safe, though we have never been to Morocco in a Moho we have been and definitely are in the latter category. We loathed it, but your joyful view is a great balanced view . We have enjoyed the journey through your eyes.


    1. Hi David and Karen

      I hope you’re both staying safe and well in Turkey.

      Maybe we’d have had a different experience if we’d just visited an area populated by tourists, however we avoided these so our experience was amazing.

      Morocco has some spectacular scenery and the people of so warm and friendly. We will definitely go back again.

      Stay safe and well.

      Best wishes

      Andi & Paul x


  2. Glad you are home safe, enjoy your isolation! T
    We did the same and its such a relief to be home.
    Thanks for your very intersting blogs, and look forward to times ahead when we can all travel again.


    1. The same to you both. Enjoy being anchored for a while. I’m just grateful we have a house to come back to and are not stuck in our motorhome looking for somewhere to park.

      Stay safe and well

      A&P x


  3. Linda Bruce says:

    Hi both,

    We are thinking of spending some time in Morocco over winter (2021/22) and would welcome hints & tips. We use refillable LPG…is this available?


    1. Hi Linda

      Thanks for your message. We adored Morocco and will definitely return when it’s safe to do so. Just go with an open mind and heart and I’m sure you will adore it too. Don’t expect European standards as it’s still very much a third world country but for us this was part of its endearing character. Travel by road takes a lot longer than you anticipate and so plan shorter journeys than you would in Europe. If you drink alcohol stock up in Spain beforehand as it’s hard to get hold of and expensive in Morocco. Take things to give away and barter with, old electronics, clothes for men & kids, booze (yes really!). We gave away lots of stuff in exchange for things like wood when we wanted to build a fire or honey to take home etc, everything can be bartered for there and should be (maybe with the exception of food in supermarkets).
      In terms of LPG there are a couple of refilling places and one campsite but we didn’t refill whilst there. We improvised by buying local gas bottles and backfeeding through our external gas BBQ point. Much easier to do than drive miles to refill gas if you have a BBQ point?

      I hope this helps.

      Just shout if you have any more questions.

      Andi x


      1. Linda Bruce says:

        Thank you, very helpful! Lots to think about, but plenty of time to do so!


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