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Hello from Andrea Riley (more frequently known as Andi, Ange or Angie dependant on who’s doing the calling and really only Andrea when in trouble!) and Paul Wardell (more frequently known as Monkey Boy to Adults or Uncle Monkey to nieces & nephews!). For those of you who aren’t a family member or friend (and we have quite a lot of these between us!) and so don’t know us (yet), here is a little bit about us and how came to the decision to travel to Europe in our motorhome.

Back in 2004 we made a decision to give up our high flying jobs for large corporations along with a company cars and good salaries to start our own business. Our friends and family probably thought we were mad as it was a huge gamble but I’m glad to say one that paid off and so fortunately one we certainly don’t regret. We built our business selling eco friendly bio ethanol fires for indoor and outdoor use and although over 11 years it involved working very long hours ,the satisfaction gained by succeeding was a huge reward in itself. We would have still been slogging away at it full time today had fate not dealt us a blow early in 2015. The EU introduced a new Europe wide directive which affected our product category which meant that all bio ethanol products being sold for indoor use needed to incorporate an automated shut off. We therefore reduced our product range significantly and sold off the website for a new beginning.

This left us with some very tough decisions to make, but one I’m now glad to say led us to purchasing our very first motorhome and planning what we believe will be a trip of a lifetime around Europe (and beyond???)………

We left the UK on 15th January 2016 heading to Santander intending to travel for a year, but we’ve well and truly caught the travel bug so after a short stint back in the UK toward the end of 2016 we took off again.  Keep up with our travelling adventures by following our blog.

Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and of course if you’re somewhere nearby always happy to share a beer (or 2).


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  1. Doing zackly Same on 3rd March. Let’s stay in touch and meet up somewhere. Our paths have to cross at soepoint don’t they, lol? Have fun. http://www.motoroaming.com or Facebook/motoroamers.

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    1. We will follow your blog and hopefully catch up sometime. We have now booked our Ferry for 15th January, but are taking the long ferry to Santander firstly so we can head to Spain/Portugal to begin with. We have to be back in France to have a service on our MH in June (otherwise the warranty will be null and void )so will tour through France at that stage. Other than that we have no fixed plans! What are your intentions?

      Happy Travels Andi & Paul x


  2. Julie Reilly says:

    Andrea, full of admiration for you and Paul, never too late to chase your dreams, keep safe and I look forward to your updates x


    1. It’s a very exciting opportunity Jules and one I never dreamed we’d get the chance to do, but I figure that we’ve worked hard all our lives and so now is our time to reap some rewards. Hope you’re well and happy lovely lady.

      lots of love A xxx

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  3. Great site and story!

    Sadly we just sold Reg (MH) after only a short 3-month stint in France, Spain, and Italy but also visiting south-west England for a while.

    We are now in Southern Italy until mid-Oct next year, so pop by for an espresso if you’re down this way. 🙂


    1. Hi there,

      We will be travelling through Italy at some point after Croats but not decided which route yet. Would never turn down a coffee if we’re nearby though.

      Many thanks for the gesture.

      Best Regards

      Andi & Paul

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      1. Cool, let me know when you’re thinking of coming over and we’ll try and team up something. 😉


  4. deanpullen1 says:

    Great to see other people having the guts to live an alternative lifestyle. We’ve been fulltiming since Jan 2009 and have no regrets whatsoever. Good luck for the future. Maybe our paths will cross sometime!

    Great website 👍


    1. Hi there, Like you we also have no regrets. We are currently taking a break from motorhome travels whilst our dealer sorts out some warranty issues and so are currently travelling Thailand & Cambodia. We are having an amazing time here too.

      Happy Travels

      Andi & Paul x


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