After taking off from the UK on our 1st European adventure in Boris on 15th January 2016 we have definitely been bitten by the motorhoming bug! After a 3 month stint back in the UK from Sept to Dec we have now hit the road again on our adventure part 2. As per last time we don’t have any firm plans of where to travel, but just a loose idea of places we’d like to visit. With the ferry booked to Santander for 4th Dec 2016 we intend to be “snowbirds” and spend our winter in the warmer climates of Spain and Portugal. Our only commitment is to get our Moho serviced which we have arranged for mid March near Alicante. Following that the intention is to head to Greece, how or when we do that is still up for discussion, but its a place we’ve loved when holidaying there in the past so we are very excited about taking Boris there. As we are heading east we’d like to take in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia etc

The original idea behind our blog was so that friends and family at home could follow our journey and we could be reminded of all the amazing places we have visited along the way. However we hope others may benefit from some of the information and experiences within. We would love to hear from those of you that have already trodden the path before us or from those of you that would also like to be in our shoes. Please register on this site to get our updates and let us have your comments and suggestions.

Andi & Paul x