Buying a Motorhome – Where to start…………

Having owned two caravans previously we mistakenly thought that buying a motorhome would be simple! Afterall our caravans had been purchased in the following way

  1. See advert
  2. View caravan
  3. Buy caravan …. all very simple

We therefore thought we ‘d know what we wanted/didn’t want from our motorhome. The more we looked the more confused we became …………

We started our process on line through the usual channels of e bay, gumtree and autotrader. We read blogs, forums and reviews to glean as much info as we could. The real benefit though came as we visited as many dealers as possible to actually view lots of different types and models. By doing this we were able to narrow the field down at least to what we didn’t want, however we still were not that close to what we did want.

When we found a model that we liked we went home and googled as much info as we could about that model by putting the make and model followed by issues or problems we found out lots of useful information (some of which has to be taken in context or with a pinch of salt). A couple of times we thought we had found the perfect model only to find that the payload was so low that I couldn’t have even loaded the contents of my knicker drawer on to it without being overloaded!!

Over the next few blogs we will cover some of the challenges we faced when selecting our “new home” such as layout, bed type, storage, and the all important payload.

Andi x

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