Our Guide To What Was Important When Choosing Our Motorhome

As you know by now we are planning a lengthy trip in our motorhome and we found though that there are so many other things to consider. Really I was feeling like I now had another full time job sussing out what we needed/didn’t need.

Here’s a list below of the things we considered important:

  • PAYLOAD: This is at the top of this list for a reason. We found this the most frustrating and confusing part of the purchase process. As  motorhome manufacturers calculate payloads and include differing items within their MIRO (mass in running order) it was sometimes impossible to know what the actual payload of a particular model was. On several occasions we thought we had found the perfect model only to find out that the payload was only 135 kgs – at that rate we would get the combined contents of our knicker drawers within the weight limit let alone our wine! If unsure ask the dealer to take the motorhome to a local weigh bridge. Its the only way you will know for sure.
  • Fridge – 3 way (gas, electric and 12v) – a decent size with a freezer compartment for that all important ice for drinks!!
  • Hob & Oven – we wanted the option to be able to be self sufficient if remote.
  • Solar panel – as we won’t always have electric hook up we need to be able to generate our own electric.
  • Two leisure batteries for the same reason as the solar.
  • Separate shower cubicle in bathroom (this was an area we compromised on as have a shower wet room instead).
  • Weight – under 3.5 tonne (as over this tolls become more expensive in most European countries)
  • Length – Ha Ha this changed weekly!! We ended up with a 25ft (7.6m) and are yet to experience this being a hindrance. We know though at this length we won’t be able to park him everywhere. We also won’t get him down tiny country lanes. Hopefully the space inside will be more of a up side than the other restrictions are a downside.
  • Engine size – we wanted economy but also an engine that was up to the job. Our Peugeot engine is 2.2 and 130bhp which feels more than adequate so far.
  • Cruise control – for those long motorway journeys.
  • Reversing/rear view mirror
  • Bike rack – to carry 2 electric bikes
  • Gaslow – refillable gas containers. This system can be filled with LPG in the UK this is at major petrol stations.
  • Gas BBQ point – to save having to carry another gas container or charcoal (which can be real messy)
  • Sun Shade – wind out type
  • Cat 1 Thatcham approved alarm – most insurers insist on this.
  • Fresh water tank min of 100 litres
  • Heated fresh water tank  – to prevent freezing
  • Alde or other wet heating system
  • Layout see post re bed and layout
  • Storage – Internal storage cupboards and garage/under bed storage

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