The 1st Excursion – Hastings Sussex

For our first outing we wanted to give Boris a good run out to ensure everything was working well, so off we trotted to Hastings. As it was his first trip we played it safe and booked onto a campsite with facilities (it turned out this was a good decision as we couldn’t use the shower on board due to some missing silicone). A 3hr drive would also make sure the engine had a good bedding in (not sure if that’s the right term for engines but I’m sure you will get my meaning!). Other than the engine management system indicating that we should change up a gear when in 6th gear everything seemed to work fine. Having been used to towing a caravan behind a van Boris’ size was not really a concern, although he’s a little wider than most vans a great advantage on the inside but on the narrow lane leading to the site I must admit to both holding my breath and breathing in simultaneously. I was glad that Paul was designated driver as this didn’t phase him in the slightest. Other than being able to hear everything rattling around in the back (you don’t get this in a caravan) which was drowned out by turning the radio up a little louder, we had a uneventful journey.

Hastings Touring site is on the top of a hill so has good views across the town, this also meant a rather steep climb back up (sorry I meant VERY steep climb back up). The site was not particularly busy and the facilities were clean and well kept. It is located next to the Shearbarn Holiday Park which has lodges for hire along with a club house, bar, pool and small shop.

With Boris packed out with food, wine and beer we could simply stop, set up and enjoy.

Although we came away from our long weekend with a list of snags on Boris (we were warned that this is to be expected in a new motorhome) over all he performed well.

Feeling Happy 🙂 Andi x

Cheeky beer in the sun
When the sun is shining surely it’s rude not to partake in a cheeky afternoon beer? mmmmm
Boris posing
Boris posing for the camera
Dining Alfresco
Dining Alfresco, burgers and salad cooked on our gas BBQ. I think the outside gas point is a winner already, after all it means Paul is chief cook and I get a night off!
Hastings Touring Park is set on a hill overlooking the town
Hastings Touring Park is set on a hill overlooking the town
Games night
Games night – playing for pennies! Let the games begin!!!
All set up
Paul AKA Monkey Boy enjoying the sunshine
Interesting garden
Interesting garden?
View of Hastings
Views over Hastings old town
The beach
View of the beach on the fab cycle route from Hastings to Bexhill

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