Adios Portugal – Hola Spain

Vila Real de Santo Antonio Aire 4.50 euros GPS N37.19955 W7.4153

Weather Breezy and dry 14 degrees

We will soon be saying our goodbyes to Portugal and making our way quite rapidly through Spain for our rendezvous point just south of Alicante for our motorhome service on 28th March. This will mean a few long stints behind the wheel and may even involve me taking my turn which is no problem as I have driven Boris back in the UK and also lots of large vans over the years (it’s just that Paul has so far done all the driving during this trip and I’ve done all the blogging but who knows we could swap places soon). Our last stop in Portugal at Vila Real was more due to the need for services for the task of filling and emptying. We did take time to walk around the town which was surprised us as it’s very pretty and would be a nice welcome into Portugal if travelling in the opposite direction.

Although we have covered some kilometres during our travels in Portugal there are still lots of places we didn’t get to see or would like to have hung around in for longer so no doubt we will be back.

Vila Real

The Bridge to Spain

Until Next Time A & P xx

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