Enchanted with St Remy De Provence

12th – 15th July 2016

I have a confession to make – I really don’t know what has happened to my ability to make decisions in the last few months. The actual facts are that I don’t even need to make difficult decisions just what we are going to do next, which route we will take and where will we stay. Simple really but we don’t seem to be very decisive when making them – in the last week we have changed our mind on things 3 times!!! Maybe this is what happens when your brain isn’t being used as much……….Anyway after firstly deciding that we wanted to be somewhere for Bastille day where we could be part of the celebrations (that part was easy) it was where that was difficult. Google was no help – maybe the French take the celebrations for granted so don’t publish what you can see where on line, but after much deliberation we headed for St Remy where I fell in love. A quaint town with winding streets, littered with restaurants and fabulous shops what more could a girl want. We booked into a camp site on the edge of town (Camping Pegomas N43.78861 E4.841601 27.40 per night without electric).


After getting set up we headed out for a walk round and lunch. We are still on Spanish time with our lunches but find in France that they eat much earlier so by the time we had finished they were clearing up around us. After a visit to Tourist Info we were fully informed on the celebrations of the following few days and not only were we going to get to experience Bastille day we could also see the Tour De France pass through!

One of the traditions in this area of Provence is Bull fighting and although neither of us would want to see an animal killed for sport in St Remy they had their own interpretation where the guys have to collect ribbons from the bulls head but where the animal isn’t hurt. We decided that having never seen anything like this previously we would go along. For us though it didn’t feel like entertainment as although the animals don’t get hurt they are certainly tormented and very frustrated during the process. Needless to say wee won’t be going again.


On Bastille Day the program was action packed starting with a market that seemed to be set up on every street and in every corner of the town, full of speciality foods and local artisans individual goods with made our way back to Boris with an empty wallet and arms full of shopping!

After lunch we staked out our places for the tour de france which whizzed by in around 10 minutes (boy those guys are fast) but wee didn’t manage a shot of Chris Frome wearing the yellow shirt.

In the evening the streets were barriered off for a bull run through the streets which was no less cruel than the arena event followed by a live outdoor cabaret show. This should have been followed by fireworks but the weather had taken a turn for the worse to the point that we actually had to dig our coats out for the 1st time in months and so the high winds meant that they were cancelled.



Once again apologies that we are running behind – another update will hopefully follow soon

Love Andi and Paul xx

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