Food On The Go


Our new recipe blog starts here

When travelling extensively in a motorhome, it’s not like a holiday. Now before you all start feeling sorry for us, let me explain what I mean. When on holiday most people wouldn’t dream of staying in and cooking instead they would opt to eat out to get away from the everyday chores. This is where travelling differs to holidaying. When travelling in our motorhome we live in a similar way to how we would live when at home, the majority of the time we cook and we occasionally we eat out. For us eating is one of life’s pleasures and for me cooking is also a pleasure. We often get asked what types of meals we cook when away, we bring store cupboard items which we may not be able to buy with us such as herbs and spices and then we try and take advantage of fresh local ingredients, it’s surprising what you can create even in a small space.  We are lucky as our motorhome is equipped with a full size oven and hob. We also have a double gas bbq/hotplate for cooking outdoors when the weather allows.

I want to start sharing my recipes with you (apologies that not all of them have images yet), and in turn would love to hear from you if you try them out or if you have any recipes you’d like to share.


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