National Feast Of Lanterns

As we have a business selling outdoor burners which are used by lots of motorhomers, caravanners and campers we decided this year to have a working break in Boris. The National Feast Of Lanterns is the Camping  and Caravan Clubs annual meet which takes place annually at a different location. This year it was being held in Norfolk at Houghton Hall Deer Park near Kings Lynn. The event has a variety of trade stands along with evening entertainment and as the name suggests a feast of lanterns which is built around visitors lighting up their caravans in various street scenes (and they really do go to town).

Setting Up

We arrived to set up our trade stand in a torrential downpour and so gingerly made our way across the muddy field to our pitch. Promptly parked our van and Boris in their spot and hibernated until the rain abated. It had been some time since we had used our outdoor gazebo, but we were confident we had though of everything we needed, extra guide ropes to tie it down, ratchet straps to stop it taking off, it had even had a waterproofing treatment beforehand to ensure it would withstand the elements. What we didn’t bank on was the bottom half of  one the legs getting stuck up inside the top half and no matter what not wanting to make an appearance. Clearly we couldn’t use the gazebo like this. I was all for going and buying another one to use, but as Paul pointed out A) we wouldn’t use it again and B) we were there to earn money not spend it.  Over the next hour we tried everything but to no avail. We were just starting to get frustrated when one of the organisers suggested we hunted in the skip as some unfortunate soul had lost their gazebo in the high winds of the previous night and we may be able to rescue a leg.  I’ve never been more grateful for someone else’s misfortune!! With lots of duct tape the leg was rescued. We now just had to hope it lasted the next 5 days. With this little challenge out of the way the rest of the set up was pretty easy.

Our slightly lopsided gazebo.
Our slightly lopsided gazebo.

This isn’t Work

I always think myself lucky when we do an event like this after all I could be stuck in an office or working in a factory to earn a crust. Instead here we are rolling out of our motorhome to open our stall (which is right next to it) for 10 am, chatting to people about the products is easy for us, we love the products and love a chat so the perfect fit. As the burners we sell burn an eco friendly bio fuel, it does not produce any smoke, fumes or toxins so is the perfect accessory for using in an awning or when sitting outside can be used with our citronella fuel to keep the bugs away. I know we are a little biased but they are rather impressive and tend to encourage a large crowd. If you like them too just visit our website at

Our blaze bio burners
Our blaze bio burners

The street scenes

We are not members or the Camping and Caravan Club but a lot of the visitors really do take this feast of lanterns seriously. The re-creation of street scenes were quite a spectacle (unfortunately the camera on my iphone couldn’t do it justice). Some having gone to town doing a full airport from passport control, to luggage inspection and even a duty free with a free drink (or 2)!!!

A couple of street scenes. the pics no way do them justice
A couple of street scenes. the pics no way do them justice

Street 2

Although not really our scene as a visitor, we had a great time trading at this event and met some lovely people and lots of now new customers along the way. Unfortunately we won’t be joining you all next year as will be on our great adventure, happy camping to those that go though.

Love Andi and Paul x

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