Equipment and Essentials – Our Packing list


When racking my brain to write this list I really didn’t realise how much stuff we had/have for our motorhome. It seems to go on and on and of course we only seem to keep adding to it rather than taking things away. I think I would have found a list like this really useful though when we first entered into the world of touring so hopefully someone out there will get some use out of it!

Kitchen Equipment

melamine plates/bowls/mugs/beakers (these are much lighter and clatter around less whilst on the move, for those that have microwaves though you can’t use them in it!)
salad bowl
wine glasses (we have packed 2 glasses and have a couple of spare plastic ones just in case)
saucepans/frying pan (make sure the handles aren’t to long to fit in your cupboard)
collapsible colander
kettle (we have both electric and one to sit on the gas hob at the mo but will ditch our electric when we travel next year)
baking trays (if you have an oven)
wood spoon/spatula
large serving spoon
veg peeler
long lighters (handy for BBQ, candles etc)
tin opener
cork screw/bottle opener (this was probably the 1st thing we put on there!)
bread knife
plastic storage containers (differing shapes and sizes as these are handy for both storage and to stop things sliding around in cupboards)
tea and coffee canisters
salt and pepper pots
oven gloves
tea towels
cheese grater
measuring jug
ice blocks (we have a freezer box in our fridge so find these handy if taking a picnic on a hot day)
plastic ice cubes (these are reusable)
oven liner (saves on a lot of oven cleaning)
chopping board

Kitchen essentials

resealable plastic bags
kitchen roll
bin bags
wet wipes
surface wipes
washing up liquid
fresher for longer bags (these are fab, we have them for bread, cheese and veg and they do what the name suggests!)

General Items

Linen basket (we have a collapsible one)
hooks for bathroom (we purchased the suction type which just adhere to the walls and are very handy for wet gear as well as towels etc, they can also be moved to re-position)
bedding – sheets, quilt cover, pillow cases, mattress protector
blankets/throws (we picked up a good tip for storing these in an empty cushion cover then they can be used as cushions or taken out when needed)
towels – we bought hammam towels from Turkey which don’t look like conventional towels but are very lightweight, large in size and quick drying. They can also double up as a throw or sarong! We tried microfibre but felt the moisture was just moved from one place to another
large plastic storage crates
dust pan and brush
12v fan – we are hoping to use this a lot!!!

Extension lead for this so that we can move it where needed
first aid kit
non slip mat for all cupboards and garage area
safe for valuables
citronella gel burner for outdoors to keep bugs away

BBQ and utensils (we have a cadac safari chef 2
electric hook up cable and adaptors

Euro adaptors for re-fillable gas
water hose and extension hose (we have a flat hose which is space saving)
collapsible water carriers – for when the hose won’t reach the tap or you can’t get the motorhome nearby
outdoor table and chairs
beach mats/beach bag
bags for on site showers – these are handy for hanging on back of doors whilst showering to save clothes from getting wet
flip flops for shower
duct tape
toilet blue and pink (we have now got a sog system fitted so that we don’t need any chemicals)
milton tablets for fresh and grey water tanks we also keep bicarb of soda for cleaning the grey (we have found dishwasher tablets work well in the grey tank too)
mifi (mobile wifi unit)

Wifi booster (this devise will boost wifi on campsites or from nearby café’s)
bug bat for zapping unwanted visitors
insect repellent
mopiko cream (for taking the itch away for you get bitten)
films – we have downloaded ours to a hardrive
levelling blocks
front screen cover
toilet rolls


Euro plug adapters

Hot water bottle

Fire extinguisher and blanket

Portable music speaker


Portable speakers for above (for when watching films)

Shopping bags for the supermarket

Smelly candles (to get rid of food smells)

Roll up vac bags (for storage of clothes out of season)


Travel guides and maps

We also carry cleaning stuff for the outside of the moho like extended pole with sheepskin cleaning pad, Elbow grease spray & Muck off

Gorilla Glue

Shoe cleaning stuff

1001 carpet cleaner




Fun stuff


Electric bikes – we use these as our form of transport when we are parked up. Our will go for around 50 miles on power assist i.e. if you are pedalling as well and make steep hills very bearable!
bike cover
warning sign (you need this for some countries in Europe)
panniers for those shopping trips


Bats and ball


Roller blades

Inflatable kayak (on its way)


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