This time next month …….

Wow is it really only one month today until we head off for our new life? I feel we have accomplished quite a lot over the last few weeks, however the lists still seem to be getting longer rather than shorter. So far we have:

  • Listed endless items on e bay & had a very good success rate at clearing out our clutter
  • Completed 2 solid days of shredding old paperwork – followed by a bonfire in the rain when we got completely fed up with the pile not getting any smaller
  • Researched insurance (endless task) so far we have decided on Safeguard for our MH insurance, Endsleigh gap year insurance for our personal travel insurance (inc personal belongings as MH insurance lacks on this front), still need to look at whether the breakdown cover is adequate with our MH insurance and insurance that will cover our electric bikes. An expensive game when you add it all up!
  • Got a quote for selling our car
  • Sorted out a place to leave a MH for a few days when we move out of our home (a very good friend has come to the rescue)
  • In the process of organising a leaving get together with our nearest and dearest for 9th Jan
  • Hired a van ready for our move
  • Badgered solicitors and our buyer regarding our house sale
  • Copied lots of DVD’s onto our hard drive for any rainy nights
  • Sorted out lots of business affairs
  • Made enquiries about cancelling our mobile contracts and home internet
Dining room
Our Dining Room Currently! Good job we’re not having Christmas dinner at home this year.

In between times we are of course trying to catch up with family and friends before Christmas, shop for pressies, write cards and when we get chance enjoy the festivities!

Luv Andi x




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