6 week countdown

Well that’s it there’s no going back now – it’s really happening GULP!!! Our ferry is booked on Friday 15th January 2016. Now our trip is real I seem to be veering from excited to nervous/panicky and back again. I really want the excitement to take over, but seem to have lists coming out of my ears of things to do.  Our plan originally was to rent out our house and put everything into storage – the putting everything into storage part has not changed, however we had an offer to buy our house so accepted it – we have a couple of other properties which are rented out so can always come back to one of those (as long as we time it right) . I don’t know why but the fact that the house is sold makes it all VERY real!

So the next challenge is to fit the contents of our 4 bed detached house with double garage into two 20ft containers. We have only been in this house for 5 years, but have managed to accumulate a lifetime of stuff. My best friend e bay is helping somewhat – by next week we may be minus, 4 bookcases, 2 sofas, a desk, a single bed, 2 filing cabinets, X Box and a host of other stuff inc snow chains suitable for a vehicle we no longer own! After 2 solid days of shredding paperwork it finally feels quite cathartic having a deep cleanse clear out. We may think differently when we are sat on the floor next weekend because our sofas have sold!

Boris has also been emptied of all contents as he has been back at the dealers having one last overhaul together with a SOG system fitted whilst there. He has another visit to Peugeot next week too for them to re-fit the gear shift indicator that they kindly removed when he was last there as they couldn’t fix an issue with it. We can then start the task of deciding what to take and what not to take. I’m already panicking over shoes!!!

I think the biggest wrench for us will not be the things we leave behind but the people! Part of the reason for this blog is so that our nearest and dearest can stalk us from afar and hopefully plan a visit to hook up with us.

We will try and keep the blog posted with progress when we get a spare 10 mins (or want to avoid doing packing etc).

Luv Andi x



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  1. Anne says:

    OMG ! Sold your lovely house. Very brave. I’m feeling as nervy as you now xx


    1. Fortunately we have others as we could always live in one of our rentals when / if we return. Hope to see you somewhere!


  2. Denise parsons says:

    Hi and congratulations on your new life. We are in the process of selling our house and ebaying our stuff hopefully will be heading for the sun at the beginning of February. Will be following your blog with interest. Good luck. Denise and Brian.


    1. Hi Denise & Brian,

      It’s an exciting (but scary) time isn’t it. We are surrounded by boxes and we haven’t even started the serious packing yet. I think the biggest challenge will be what to take with us on our adventure and what to leave behind. It’s a month today until we head off ……….. not long now. As well as lots of boxes I also have lots of lists!!! We don’t intend to do much planning for our trip at this stage as want to leave it very loosely planned, that way we never have to feel under pressure to leave somewhere we are enjoying. I have joined a couple of groups on facebook (motorhome adventures, pitch it & motorhome sleepy spots) which you may find useful too. Lots of knowledgeable peeps that have already trodden in our shoes. Happy travels. Maybe see you on the other side of the water xxx


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