Over the water to Espanol


Although I had kind of been dreading the ferry across to Santander (I’m not good on water) the crossing on Brittany ferry’s Cap Finistere was a relatively calm one.  Yes ok the bit around the Bay of Biscay did actually manage to wake me from my slumber but my trusty sea bands seemed to do the trick and I was soon rocked back to sleep again. The boats facilities were a little limited with only one main restaurant and a shop serving a limited selection of take away food so if you weren’t prepared you could spend a small fortune eating on board.

We docked at Santander at our scheduled time of 7.30pm on Saturday 16th Jan and quickly programmed our 1st stopover into the sat nav

STOPOVER CABERCENO N43 21.486 W003 49.186 Cost per night FREE

Weather overcast dry and 12 degrees

Elephants playing at Caberceno

As lots of friends and family as bought us vouchers for Xmas before we left the UK we stocked up on guide books, maps, aires books and camperstop (which allowed us to download the camping stops into our sat nav). One click on our points of interest, site selected and we were on our way. It should have been a relatively easy drive, however despite updating our Tom Tom maps before we left no-one told it a new road had been built and it would appear a new road with hardly any exits! Tom Tom 1 – Andi and Paul 0!!! After our slight detour in the dark we were soon on the right track again and eventually found our way to our stopover. Within 10 mins of parking we had the table filled with cheeses, meats, olives, dips and other foods of niceness and a glass of red in hand (or I should say Vino Tinto here) not a bad way to start our adventure. We had read that the parking spot was on the edge of a wildlife park so this morning walked through to see a wonderful view of the Elephants playing – I was more than a little giddy at the site of them all and would be quite happy to stay here with this view! After doing some necessary chores that come with owning a motorhome – Andi filling clean water – Paul emptying dirty water (we designate pink and blue jobs and of course the blue jobs are generally not as nice as the pink ones), we got back on the road and headed west of Santander.

On route to our next destination we stopped off at Santillana Del Mar a pretty little town to stroll around. Being Sunday most places were closed (we had planned to visit a supermarket and stock up today but as A) It was Sunday and they still close here in Spain and B) We didn’t actually see one it eating out of more cheese and biccies tonight – no panic though we still have lots of wine left!!!). We followed the coastal road through some beautiful countryside with the backdrop of the snow capped mountains of the Picos de Europa.

Snow capped Picos De Europa
Santilanna del Mer
Santillana Plaza & Paul

Tonights stopover is at

CANGAS DE ONIS N43 21.136 W005 07.524 Cost Per Night FREE

Weather Raining 7 – 9 degrees

Located at the foot of the mountains and next to a river. On a warmer day we may be tempted to hire a canoe!!! Instead we went into town to scope out a place to eat as being a Sunday a supermarket shop wasn’t an option. In true girlie shopping style we looked at the 1st place we came to – walked all the way around town in case we found anything better – then went back there!!! We left a couple of hours later overloaded with food after enjoying their menu del dia. Three courses inc a drink each for 12 euros – we only managed the 1st 2 courses and of course the drink!! Fantastic value for good local cuisine. It did make me feel a little embarrassed at how little Spanish I know though – just trying to decipher the menu was a real challenge, but with a little help from one of the waiters we left a little wiser than we arrived. We had planned to do some light hiking in the Picos however as the heavy rain had still not stopped the following morning we decided to head off to our next stop.

Miles Driven 16.1.16 – 18.1.16 112 miles 180 kms

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