Trying to avoid the downpours

18.1.16 – 19.1.16

FOZ N43 33.814 W007 15.486 Cost Per Night FREE

Weather Cloudy with a little rain and then finally Sunshine 7 -11 degrees

The aire at Foz – Boris has a great view

I know we really shouldn’t moan about the weather here especially as my Mum had text to say they had had 3 inches of snow at home but the heavy rain played a part in today’s change of plan. With us wanting to be fair weather hikers we decided that we would head toward our next identified stop at Teverga which is situated adjacent to a river and next to a cycle trail. Unfortunately the weather made us change our mind on this one to so the decision was made to bypass Teverga and head to Foz.

The rain continued as we steadily travelled along the motorway we witnessed a nasty accident right in front of us. As a car entered from the slipway it skidded and did a full 360 turn right in front of the 7.5 tonne lorry ahead of us. Unfortunately he had no way of avoiding the impact and hit her head on. We had kept a good enough distance behind to be able to drive around it and pull over. The driver of the car was probably saved from serious injury by her air bag activating. A frightening experience for us let alone those involved!

We detoured on route to a Carrefour to stock up on essentials for the next few days. Boris being a rather large beast couldn’t fit his rear end in a single space or indeed 2 spaces. We ended up parking rather awkwardly across 3 spaces. I bet the locals were delighted!!! I don’t know what it is but I have a love of supermarkets overseas – I must be a little sad and I’m definitely greedy – it’s just all the different choices! As we don’t have tons of fridge and cupboard space in Boris though I did have to control the urge to do a BIG SHOP!!! On the menu tonight post visit chez Boris is Moules Marinere (Or mussels is garlic, onions & white wine (Paul wanted me to us a good bottle I’d brought with me from the UK, but I refused to use one I’d enjoy to drink and invested 79 cents in some plonk to do the job instead)!!

Moules Marinere cost less than 3 Euro!

At around 3pm we finally made it to Foz – I still can’t believe that you can park up for the night with a million dollar view, overlooking the sea for free. Amazeballs!!!

Tedious filling and emptying jobs completed – this motorhoming isn’t all fun you know! With the rain finally abated and the sun in the sky we hotfooted it out for a long walk around the coastal path.  Bliss to be walking in the afternoon sunshine – I know we’re only a few days in but I was starting to get caged lion syndrome and just needed to be outside rather than looking at it all through a window.

After our delightful supper we challenged each other to a game or 2 of Uno – or should I say Paul thrashed me over several games of Uno! He will obviously be paying for winning for several days to come ………………

As there was an outdoor gym right by our camping spot we decided (it has to be said after a vino or two) that we would use it before heading out the following morning. The morning though was a chilly one 5 degrees and the cold metal equipment didn’t quite have the same appeal, so I headed out for a run whilst Paul stayed behind (in his defence he is still having problems with his knee post op). When I realised there was a market setting up almost alongside us my speed suddenly increased so that I could get back, shower, breakfast and get out to take a look before it closed!!

Market completed in all of 10 minutes we headed for our next stop

A Corruna Cost Per Night FREE N43.07927 W1.25852

Weather Cloudy with some sunshine 12 degrees

Another coastal stopover for us tonight and therefore another room with a view for free! After a phone call to Adam at motorhome wifi we managed to sort out the hic up with our wifi connection and we are now up and running again, so will be bombarding and boring you all with lots of words and piccies!!As the weather was looking fine we readied the bikes and headed along the cycle path along the coast. It’s such a bonus to be able to wrap up and get outside on a January day.

Boris has another great view
Cycling next to the sea in January – this is the life

Miles Driven 18.1.16 – 19.1.16 248 miles 396 kms



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Belgian Beaut (our motorhome, not me ;-)) says:

    Great, isn’t it! We have had a mild winter so far, only this week it’s freezing but with a promise of 10 degrees again newt week. I keep my fingers crossed as I hate the cold. And yes, I am dreaming of doing the same as you two … All the best!


  2. Peter and Chris De Houwer says:

    Great, isn’t it! We have had a mild winter so far, only this week it’s freezing but with a promise of 10 degrees again newt week. I keep my fingers crossed as I hate the cold. And yes, I am dreaming of doing the same as you two … All the best!



    1. You must do it someday. We are having an amazing time and although we have only been here for a week it feels like ages already.
      Best Regards Andi & Paul x


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