What a difference a day makes



A Corruna Day 2

Weather a whopping 16 degrees (well it reached that at 2pm in the afternoon for around an hour!!!)


We enjoyed our little cycle around A Corruna that much that despite Paul spending ages re – loading the bikes on to the back of the motorhome we decided to stay over another night and spend a further day seeing the sights of the city. We awoke to bright skies and so the bikes were back off again and off we went. A Corruna is such a cycle friendly city having cycle paths all the way round and the equivalent of London’s Boris bikes (a different Boris all together!!!!) for hire stationed all around. I wouldn’t describe the city for its ‘must see’ sights and we saw a fair bit of it on our 6 + hours around it but the sun was shining, café con leche and big fat muffins had our name on them and then a very long cycle all the way around along by the sea the whole way made sure we didn’t feel to guilty on the cake eating front!

IMG_6974 IMG_6975 IMG_6978

Our evening was spent dithering over where to go once we reached Portugal in a couple of days time. So far we have made plans only to change them again the following day due to weather or circumstances so although we spent a lot of time with Aires, camperstop, ACSI, guide books and maps spread out across the table after hours of dithering a very loose plan was made which will no doubt change again along the way!!! That’s the beauty of having a home on wheels the plans are always very fluid as we found out the following day in Santiago……

Santiago De Compostella N42.89560 W8.5317

Weather YUK!!! Ok wet, drizzly and chilly around 11 degrees

This shouldn’t have been a surprise really as our guide book states that it’s the wettest city in Spain!!! Affirmative they weren’t lying either!

Heading toward Santiago accompanied by a big black cartoon cloud
Heading toward Santiago accompanied by a big black cartoon cloud

Although we’d identified an aire (motorhome parking & service area) to stay, on arrival we discovered that this was a large car park which in itself didn’t matter but we didn’t get an altogether good feeling about staying the night there so you will see now that our fluid plans are exactly that and we decided to spend the day in the city but clear off elsewhere for the night. Books were once again dragged out and an alternative option found for our evening stop over.

Even in the rain out of season Santiago is a pretty place – we even ventured into the cathedral (admittedly mainly to get out of the rain!) which was very church like! Sorry if that’s doing it down a little but after our 3 weeks in India a few years ago we both feel like we ticked off our lifetime of church visits!

Santiago -deserted in the rain
Santiago -deserted in the rain

IMG_6989 IMG_6991 IMG_6994


As we were now heading out of town after our visit and not staying over we chose to have lunch at one of the numerous restaurants. There was a Menu Del Dia on offer which proved to us once again how poor our understanding of Spanish is – we selected the starter based on we knew 2 of the ingredients Salmon & Pasta and the same for the main Chorizo and potatoes – this was the main course below – a complete meat fest which had I have fully understood it certainly wouldn’t have been my 1st choice (Paul would have probably ordered 2!!!!). We could have had desert in with the Euro 9.95 price but declined for coffee which was also included!

Meat Fest
Meat Fest




Next time we get wifi I am downloading several translations apps to help us and the restaurants etc that we visit out! We have bought Michelle Thomas Spanish & French lessons with us & obviously need his crash course sooner rather than later. In a couple of days we will be crossing the border into Portugal, unfortunately Michelle is not accompanying us for that one so google translate here we come!!!

Our stopover tonight was at Arcade N42 20.366 W008 36.796 another beautiful spot facing the waterfront. A little wander into town led us to a bar which also sorted out what we were going to eat for dinner – after our more than generous lunch we didn’t need much and conveniently our beer was accompanied by tapas – cheap lunch and free dinner – sorted!!!

Cheers beer with free Tapas for less than 2 euros each - We mights as well have another !
Cheers beer with free Tapas for less than 2 euros each – We might as well have another !

Sorry for the delay in postings – we’ve been busy enjoying ourselves.

More soon Love Andi and Paul xx





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, glad its going ok, hows the van doing so far…Oh and replace the beer with a strong cup of tea and that would perfect..LOL


    1. We do have tea and coffee as well Mark – we just don’t tend to take pics if it LOL


  2. Gail Harding says:

    Great to find this blog Andi and Paul, as we are hopefully about to purchase Boris’s twin!! We’ll keep you posted 🙂

    Gail & Darrell xx


    1. Keep us posted on how you get on. We love the space in Boris but do envy those with larger garages! I suppose it would just mean we would fill it though. It’s amazing to think we put the contents of a 4 bedroomed house into storage before we left and we have honestly not missed any of it!!!

      Live the dream


    2. Have sent you a reply to your e mail today x


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