Campsite treat for the birthday weekend

Praia De Barra Portugal 23.1.16-25.1.16

N40 38.18 W8 44.41

Weather dry light cloud and sunshine 15-18 degrees

As the weekend was approaching and it wasn’t just any old weekend it was my birthday weekend and the weather forecast was looking good, we headed for a the beach at Praia De Barra. This time we chose to stay for a couple of nights on our 1st campsite from our ACSI book to enable us to catch up on clothes washing, plug into electric to charge everything up and have nice long hot showers where conserving water wasn’t a problem.

Having arrived early we pre-paid and went off in search of our spot, having not used the ACSI book before I’m unsure of how they choose their sites but this one was certainly not what we were expecting. The site was mainly taken up by permanent caravans that were either lived in or left their as holiday homes. Most were shabby and green with age and the site was just generally unkept. The shower block was grubby and you could only take showers late in the day once the sun had done its job heating the hot water. Had we have not already paid we would have done a sharp U turn, but as we had we vowed to stay and make the most of it.

Having accumulated a weeks’ worth of washing we piled it all into the machine only to find out that the dryer was out of service. The only way to dry it therefore was to string up a make shift line outside Boris and hang it out! Good job the site wasn’t a posh one after all!

Improvised washing line

Washing and ourselves clean we went for an afternoon stroll to the beach which is a gorgeous stretch of sand with massive waves and a long board walk.

We awoke the following day on my birthday to beautiful blue skies and after opening my cards (thanks to all those at home that sent me away with them) Paul prepped our bikes.

Perfect shelf space for my birthday cards

Barra is around 10 km away from Aveiro (known as little Venice due to its canal network) and with the help of our cycle GPS we managed to navigate our way from the campsite into Aviero town where we spent the day drinking coffees, taking a boat ride and having a slap up lunch (a treat thanks to our friends and families generous euro contribution). A fab way to spend my birthday.

Lending a hand & screwdriver to 2 young Portuguese lads who had broken down

Love to you all near and far Andi & Paul xxx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Belgian Beaut (our motorhome, not me ;-)) says:

    That bbq must have made up for the poor state of the campsite! Sth we learnt too, do not pay up front before having had a look around … Happy birthday!!!


  2. Peter and Chris De Houwer says:

    That bbq must have made up for the poor state of the campsite! Sth we learnt too, do not pay up front before having had a look around … Happy birthday!!



    1. We had a fab time anyway so it didn’t really matter in the end and of course we learnt a valuable lesson for next time.

      At least the sun shone so we could dry our washing outside and it gave us a laugh or two!

      Kind regards

      A & P


  3. frcdepps says:

    ACSI is brilliant but you need to be slightly circumspect! They don’t seem to work to the same criteria as the Caravan Club!


    1. Maybe we were just unlucky and got a bad one. Next time we know to take a look 1st. We had a fabulous time anyway so it didn’t matter anyway.

      Andi & Paul


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