South to Sintra

Sintra  N38 78883 W9 37473

Weather day 1 bright and sunny 15 degrees day 2 cool, cloudy and windy 12 degrees

This place came highly recommended by both Paul’s brother and my sister (Surely both of them can’t be wrong). The overnight “camping” for Boris is on the car park of a football ground but it did have water and emptying facilities and at 5 euros a night  a bloody good deal. The town was a regular hang out for the Royals so has an abundance of palaces as well as a stunning moorish castle.

Set on a hill the place gave our calves a good work out and really put my new walking boots to the test (my feet were actually comfortable and warm !!!!).

Hills, hills and more hills
Hills, hills and more hills
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Having fun in Sintra
Blooming Blowy up Here!
Blooming Blowy up Here!

Day 1 we visited Quinta da Reagalerira an elaborate estate with enchanting gardens – someone must have had an endless budget – this place had towers, turrets, lakes, grottoes and even underground tunnels!

Quinta Da Regaleira
Quinta Da Regaleira

Our must do’s for day 2 were to go to the Pena Palace and Moorish Castle – our intention was to catch the bus up and walk back down. As we stood at a junction deliberating a friendly local stopped to see if he could help. “Oh its easy to walk he said – everywhere in Sintra looks a long way but is really very close”, directions were given and off we went. In the directions he was very specific about taking the road with grey cobbles so off wee trotted up the grey cobbled road – or so we thought – after walking for 1/2 hour we realised that maybe we had not taken the right route – about turn and 45 mins later we were back at our starting point – I suppose everywhere is close if you take the right route!!! DOH!!! We did eventually get there though – my brother in law Paul described this place as “Portmeirion on speed”!! A rather apt description as this palace looks like something you’d see in a kids animation!

Placio da Pena
Placio da Pena

As the Castelo dos Mouros was only a short walk up hill from the palace (without detours) we couldn’t miss the outstanding views. The pics speak for themselves,

Castelo Dos Mouros
Castelo Dos Mouros

I wish we’d got a pedometer to calculate how many steps we’d taken today – I think I can say for sure that we’ve earned a glass of wine tonight!!!

We spotted a little issue with Boris on our way out this morning when we spotted our waste (or grey) water running straight out underneath the van. As this normally shuts off with the turn of a tap we assumed we’d left it open. On closer investigation we realised that the tap had gone missing. We found it on our way out of the site – a little battered!!!!

Our waste tap - squashed!
Our waste tap – squashed!


Love Andi & Paul xx

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  1. Gill says:

    Hello you two 😊Sounds like your having some fantastic adventures, it’s great reading through the spills and thrills of your days !! Very envious, I’m lying in bed not able to sleep so I thought I would find you and see how your getting on , take it easy and steady and will keep in touch again soon xxx Safe Journey xxx


    1. Hi Gill, We are having a great adventure and keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have this opportunity. Glad you’re managing to keep up with our activities – even if it is in the middle of the night when you’re unable to sleep. I know we are going to love looking back at the blog ourselves in the future to remind ourselves of all the amazing places and experiences (Oh and of course the food and wine). Keep well and hope your sleep pattern improves. xxx


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