A Beach Sandwich and Changing Futures


Nazere GPS N39 59741 W9 0696

Weather dry with scattered cloud and sun 15 degrees

After all our recent cultural experiences we have headed to the coast to Nazere which has an expanse of beach and the world record for the largest wave ever surfed a whopping 30 metres!!! Sat nav programmed off we went deciding to take the toll roads which confuse the heck of us both. We purchased an electronic toll card from the post office but haven’t actually got a clue whether we are on an elec toll or not until we see the ticket booth, as we are in a right hand drive vehicle I am always responsible for taking the ticket and paying, the 1st ticket toll we reached we didn’t even realise we needed to take a ticket as thought as we’d pre-paid at the post office this now covered all tolls – wrong only the electronic ones which we found out when the very nice toll man said don’t worry just reverse back out and across 4 lanes and off you go (fortunately the traffic was very light!).Future tolls therefore saw us edging through the lanes to take the ticket and doing the same the other end to pay for it – regrettably Boris got a little too close to the kerb on one and had a little scrape on the underside of the door – knock no 1!!

The overnight parking in Nazere is just a car park near to town but with no facilitates so we needed to ensure we emptied and filled waters before arriving. Fortunately there was another stopover point around 7 kms away which would allow us to do this, so we programed the sat nav and off we went – all was going well until around 3 kms away from our destination we followed instructions and duly took a right turn on to a narrowish tarmac road, which quickly changed to a very narrow pot holed dirt track. Boris was not happy as we rattled our way along through the woods either side of us. Every pan, shelf, bottle and jar was vibrating – a few words were exchanged about turning around (not that easy in a 25ft vehicle – to be fair it would have even been tricky in a smart car) then 1 km in there was a clearing in the woods followed by a huge sigh of relief from the 2 of us as we spun Boris back around and ignored the sat navs cry’s to turn around when possible. Back on proper roads she eventually found us an alternative route and after yet another reverse up a long drive and turn around we finally got to the service area. Paul emptied whilst I topped up our water supply – only to realise after finishing that what I’d actually used was the water for washing out the loo! Nice! So we hung around a little longer whilst we drained our not so fresh fresh water tank out again and filled with the potable water – note to self- read the signs before filling not after!!! A couple of kms down the road saw us in the midst of another sat nav mishap when she’s instructing us down very narrow cobbled streets which clearly say NO MOTOR CARAVANS with no way of turning we once again edge forwards to looks from locals which have no doubt seen the same situation dozens of times before. We did eventually make it to the car park which for the 1st time on our travels so far was actually already full of other MH’s (21 in all – a taste of what’s to come further south I feel), we did get to park opposite though on an overspill area – I think we’d have stuck him in anywhere after our adventurous drive here! We had already decided to eat out on our 1st night, but a little naively managed to get a little stung for the meal – we did eat in the main square at a very touristy restaurant called Caravlla. We were attracted by the fish and meat dishes presented on skewers which were both delicious, however we were charged separately for the bread, cheese, pate and even butter that they presented to us before our meal adding 16 euros to the bill – a little steep considering the main courses were only priced at 13 euros each! If our language skills were better we would have challenged it, but as we are learning Portuguese as we go so at this stage are very limited we duly paid and grumbled to each other on the way home instead!!

Yummy kebabs with tourist bill
Yummy kebabs with tourist bill

The forecast for the following day was for heavy rain but on waking it was a lovely bright day so we took advantage and walked the length of the beach whilst it was still fine. There’s just something about being able to walk listening to and watching the sea and with the sun in the sky it really was a day to make the soul sing! At this time of year despite the influx of Motorhomes the resort is very quiet and the beach deserted. Although the waves were crashing into shore they certainly weren’t the huge waves that pro surfers crave as not a not a single surfer could be seen – shame as I bet that’s quite spectacular to watch – another time maybe.


IMG_7159 IMG_7161 IMG_7163 IMG_7170 IMG_7171 IMG_7175 IMG_7178 IMG_7181 IMG_7182

At a visit to the supermarket on route we had with much pointing and guessing picked up some fish – Dorada which they also scaled and gutted for us – all we had to do now as manage to cook them (results below)


Obidos GPS N39 35628 W9 15672

Weather Cloudy and sunny with a chill in the air 13 degrees

A short hop down to Obidos today for another little culture fix – Portugal has amazing history and more UNESCO sites than anywhere we’ve been. Another walled town was on the agenda for today – at this rate we could almost become blasé about them. As with others you are still able to walk all the way around the walls here too. You are literally looking down on the rooftops of the town and out across spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.  The tiny cobbled streets have of course sold their sole to tourism but this certainly doesn’t detract from the charm of this small pretty town.


IMG_7193 IMG_7194 IMG_7198 IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7206 IMG_7207 IMG_7209 IMG_7212 IMG_7214 IMG_7216 IMG_7220

Peniche  Parque de Campismo Municipal de Peniche (Peniche Municipal Camping Site)
Avenida Monsenhor R. S. Bastos 2520-206 Peniche

Weather overcast windy 13 degrees

As our next stop is north of Lisbon at Sintra we decided to stop off for the weekend on route to try and avoid the crowds. Another surfers mecca Peniche has a beautiful sandy beach and is on a peninsula where to surrounding rocks get battered by the Atlantic waves. Although there are 3 aires here non of them have services so we have opted to stay on the towns municipal campsite instead. At 5.75 euros a night inc electric its fantastic value and just a short distance from both the beach and the town. Having checked out the showers (after our recent campsite experience) I headed straight over there – although Boris has a perfectly adequate shower because water on board is limited the time in the shower is as well so I was delighted to have not only hot water by the galleon but a shower that you turn on and it stays on until you turn it off – absolute bliss no pushing of buttons to re-start with shampoo in the eyes. My fingers were wrinkled by the time I got out – bliss! As this was the 1st time we’d had electric hook up for a while I got giddy at the thought of being able to use a hairdryer rather than letting my hair dry naturally – what I didn’t realise was that the elec supply was only 4 amps and so as soon as I turned the dryer on the electric supply tripped! All was not lost though as whilst Paul went to reception to report our slight mishap I took hairdryer and plug back to the shower area – I got too excited over using a hairdryer to not do it now!!!

A short while after with both of us clean and gleaming we had several items charging and flicked on the heating to get cosy. Whoops – off went the electric again! It was my turn this time to go to reception. I got there just in time as they were closing up for the evening – after a very stern telling off that we had already been told not to plug too many things in (can’t say as I blame them) they agreed to send someone over. Within 10 mins we were back on again – only for it to trip out again 2mins after. With staff all now gone we were back to using battery power and gas – flummoxed by what could be causing it we decided to ask other Bailey owners through a facebook group if they had any ideas – within 15 mins we had the answer – our MH dealer had shown us how to use the heating incorrectly so very time we used it on gas we actually had the electrics on as well (hence the tripping) feeling rather embarrassed but also elated now we know!

As we were staying put for 3 nights (a 1st on this trip) we dismounted the bikes and set off on a discovery tour along the coast – not a bad way to spend a Saturday – there was a chilly wind though so we only stayed out a few hours before going back to put more layers on for an afternoon walk on the beach. I think we are both still having to pinch ourselves that this isn’t just a couple of weeks away – we have a whole year – or longer if we want it. This really is the life!!!

Around Peniche and Peniche Musuem formally a prison for political prisoners
Around Peniche and Peniche Musuem formally a prison for political prisoners

IMG_7237 IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7243 IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7272 IMG_7274 IMG_7277 IMG_7278 IMG_7279

News from back home

We received confirmation on Friday 29th that the sale of our house had completed. Mixed feelings ensued for me as we have had five very happy years there and as it was the 1st house we actually bought together it had a very special place in our hearts. It doesn’t seem a reality that we will not go back there again to live but on the plus side we now have endless options of where our next dream home may be ……………… the possibilities are endless!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

Love Andi & Paul x

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  1. Paul Jackson says:

    Really enjoying your posts. Have a great week and keep on enjoying the lifestyle!


    1. Thanks Paul, I’m sure we’ll enjoy reading back on it ourselves too at some point. Too busy enjoying ourselves to do that right now though. Keep working towards your dream – it’s amazing & we feel so privileged

      Kind Regards



  2. Mel says:

    Hi Both,
    Looks and sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. The pics are fab.
    Fantastic news on your house going through at last.
    Sending you both love and hugs, missing you,
    Mel,Craig,Matthew and Bethany xxxx


    1. Hey Family T, Glad to see you’re trawling through our posts! had very mixed feelings about the house (still have even now), seems strange to think we will never live in it again 😦 . We both loved that house and have such happy times there, but I need to put it behind me and think of where our next one can be. The world is our oyster. Lots of love hugs and kisses to you all MWAH XXXXX


  3. Great photos of Nazaré, Obidos and Peniche!


    1. Thanks, only taken on an i phone -the ones on our camera should be better, just not as easy to publish from here!

      Liked by 1 person

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