Being tourists in Albufeira

4th – 7th February 16

Albufeira Parque Da Palmeira GPS N37.09829 W8.24339 8 euros per night. Great Aire with spacious marked out pitches. Very clean showers although they were only tepid.

Weather 4th dry and bright 14 degrees 5th Cloudy with a couple of light showers 6th Dry and bright 16 degrees

Welcome to Albufeira

Had we have been choosing a holiday destination in our old lives Albufeira would not have been on our short list. As the largest and most commercial resort on the Algarve the slightly ‘kiss-me-quick’ destination would not have been a high priority. However in slightly different circumstances of driving right by it we really couldn’t resist having a few days stop over to see what everyone else sees in such a resort.

The charms of Albufeira
The charms of Albufeira

The best of it for us is:

  1. The old town – whilst housing bar after bar and restaurant after restaurant it still has a certain charm and you can see how this once small village grew into the huge resort it now is.
  2. The beautiful beaches – everywhere we have been on the Algarve so far has had the most stunning beaches and huge hypnotic waves and Albufeira is no exception. Of course at this time of year they are also deserted allowing us to be able to see them at their best.
  3. Restaurants Galore – If you’re a fussy eater then this place could not disappoint. There is everything from McDonalds & KFC to Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese English, and of course even some Portuguese! We opted for a Portuguese restaurant that we happened to find when searching for somewhere else and it didn’t dissapoint.
  4. Electricity – this is now a novel and rare thing for us. I mentioned in previous blogs that we have not had electric hook up in nearly 5 weeks and that in itself is fine as most things we can charge through our 12v or an inverter. It just means I can’t plug my hairdryer in (but I’ve got used to that now) and we can’t charge our electric bike batteries as they just draw too much power. Of course we have taken full advantage of this and have used every available socket to re-charge all our electrical items. Strange how excited you get over things that you would normally take for granted.

We have enjoyed our couple of days in the hub of it all being tourists and even ventured out Saturday night to see a cheesy pub singer, but we are now ready to move east and see some more of the real Portugal. Sorry Albufeira, we are glad we came but are also happy to leave.

IMG_8731 IMG_8726

Beautiful beaches surround Albufeira
Beautiful beaches surround Albufeira

Love Andi & Paul x


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