The forecast is sunshine so we’re heading for the beach

29th Feb 16 – 3rd March 16

Ferragudo Algarve

Weather day 1 17 degrees and sunny Day 2 19 degrees and sunny

Before leaving Silves we had some jobs to do, so after the usual emptying of waste water and loo facilities which were available on the free aire next to where we had parked we went in search of fresh water. After asking around we were told of a water tap at a nearby village. As we were once again we were planning on doing some wild camping we needed to make sure we were prepared. So off we trundled out of Silves in search of the elusive water tap, we were nearly giving up and looking for somewhere to turn around thinking we must have missed it when we saw a bloke cycling along the road with 4 large water bottles, I hollowed out of the window to ask where the tap was and the poor bloke wobbled past not daring to stop for fear of not getting going again, by this time we were around 3 km past Silves so he had a fair hike back with all that weight. After filling our tank and around 6 x 6 litre water bottles we knew we’d now be able to wild camp at least on our water supply  for around 4 – 5 nights (for those of you that may be heading this way go past the continent supermarket and keep going past the 1st lot of houses until you reach more houses the tap will be on your right hand side at a junction and looks like this)

Random tap by the side of the road near Silves
Random tap by the side of the road near Silves

After restocking the cupboards with enough food for the next few days we headed back towards the coast to Ferragudo. Whilst staying previously at Praia Da Rocha we had spied some motorhome parked up on the other side of the estuary so had added it to our list of places to go. More by luck than judgement we stumbled across the area where others had parked by a beach and near to the town centre.

Boris Parked up at Ferragudo
Boris Parked up at Ferragudo

Ferragudo is a small town with white washed buildings and tiny cobbled streets. It didn’t feel as touristy as some of the other places we’ve been too though. As the couple of days we were there were bright and sunny we enjoyed long walks through the town and along the beach. Even though there was still a chill in the air it was warm enough to give our legs an airing and put our shorts on and there’s definitely something about walking along the beach with no shoes on feeling the sand between your toes.

Around Ferragudo

IMG_7886 IMG_7887 IMG_7888 IMG_7889 IMG_7890

IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7903 IMG_7907

On the first day as we headed back towards Boris we spotted some Germans parked nearby who appeared to be stuck in the sand. We headed over to see if we could help – one of their front wheels was embedded in the soft ground and each time they tried to move it, it just sunk a little more. We had packed some tyre mats in our motorhome and Paul fetched them to see if they’d help. Unfortunately after ½ hour of trying we concluded that they weren’t going to help and they decided to call their breakdown service instead. I’m sure they weren’t the 1st to get stuck there as in places the fround was very soft! The tow truck made light work of it and they moved to another part of the parking area. The following day we sat outside for a very late lunch (around 4pm) and along came the German couple with a bottle of Portuguese green wine for us as a thank you for stopping to help. What a kind gesture and totally unexpected!

Whilst enjoying a long walk the 2nd day we spotted what looked like a small holiday home for sale in a perfect position high on the cliffs overlooking the sea – compared to the other houses surrounding it, it was dwarfed and as we were intrigued how much somewhere in that location would cost we took a pic of the for sale board so we could look it up later. On the way back we took bets on how much we thought it would be – and were shocked to find out we were both out by more than 1 million euros!! At 1,350,000 it was slightly over  our budget!! I wonder whether there’s a caravan for sale in this area ??? Maybe we could afford that!!!

IMG_7913 IMG_7915

Casa for sale
Casa for sale

Carveiro GPS N37.08774 W8.44285

Weather sunny and bright skies 18 degrees

On route to our next destination Carveiro we went via the aire at Praia da Rocha because although we can last quite easily for 4-5 nights on the water we have a major failing of our motorhome is the size of the cassette for the toilet. It only really allows us to wild camp for 2 nights before we need to make sure we can empty out so we parked up just outside the aire and snuck in to empty. Maybe a little cheeky but a least we are being responsible (as some people aren’t and empty them anywhere!). After a quick stop to re-fill the gas bottles we headed a short hop down the coast. The parking spot we’d identified was a quite a way out of town so rather than follow the sat nav directly to it I persuaded/nagged Paul into following the town centre signs so that we could take a look to see if we could perhaps get a little closer to the action – as roads started to get narrower – tempers got a little frayed – as we neared civilisation the road turned into a one way street and although there was some sense of relief that we we’re no longer going to meet anything head on there was also some holding of breath knowing we no longer had the option to turn around. Having been there before I felt confident we wouldn’t have any problems (ah-hum) as I clung tightly to the sides of my seat!! Well of course we got through – incident free with a couple more grey hairs to add to the collection!!! Although we did spot a motorhome parked on a smallish car park as we were heading out of town we weren’t really quick enough to react so carried on to a tolerated wild camping area about 3KM’s out of town next to the which for us these days is just a short bike ride. I still find it amazing that you can park overnight for free at all these places with stunning vistas. Carveiro is a smallish tourist town with numerous restaurants to choose from and even at the beginning of March is buzzing with activity and tourists. We joined them and stopped at a bar with outdoor seating right by the beach that was offering buy one beer get a 2nd free – well it’d would be rude not too! We’d packed a picnic for lunch and after strolling around mooching in the shops found a sheltered spot on the beach to enjoy it.

The beach at Carveiro - deserted
The beach at Carveiro

The great thing about being in the Algarve at this time of year is that there is still life in the place but you mainly only share towns with a handful of others. Last time I visited Carveiro was August around 4 years ago – at that time of year you can’t even see the beach let alone get a spot to picnic on it! We headed back before the sun went down so that we could cycle in daylight and watched a beautiful sunset from our camping spot. When we arrived at Boris some Germans that had parked next to us informed us that our alarm had been going off whilst we’d been out (this is the 2nd time that we know of now) so we put it on the ‘To Do’ list to take a look and try and establish what’s wrong.

Not a bad overnight parking spot

IMG_7932 IMG_7926IMG_7928

Armacao De Pera GPS N37.100590 W8.355790

Weather Dry and sunny with clear blue skies 20 degrees

We have only 16KM’s down the road to Pera and are parked on what is essential a large car park at one end of the town, but in prime location right next to the beach. It has facilities here though so charges a whopping 1.50 euros per night! We have heard rumours of motorhomes being moved off here at times as apparently it’s not licenced for overnight stops – let’s hope the police don’t do a purge tonight!   Although the town here is a little soulless with a series of high rise buildings, the beach is really the highlight and stretches for miles as far as the eye can see. After a walk from one end to the other we decided to make the most of the good weather and packed a picnic and grabbed our chairs and headed for the beach. Even at this temperature though it felt too hot for us (we’re obviously not acclimatised) and so headed back inside to the shade after a couple of hours. As the sun cooled in the sky I headed out for a run as after a few weeks of being very active felt guilty for having sat on my backside for a few hours this afternoon!

IMG_7957 IMG_7956 IMG_7954 IMG_7953


Just a short stopover here so tomorrow we are going to explore the delights of Albufeira.

Love Andi & Paul



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  1. Belgian Beauty (our motorhome, not me ;-)) says:

    Day 1 and 2 and yes, 3 etc. Grey skies, rain and 5 degrees, frost at night … The advantage? We can “swim” in our garden! Maybe we’ll get some sand in the weekend and make a beach ;-)) So you can tell I am a little bit, just a little bit jealous … But I do enjoy your pictures and stories and count down every day until I can spend winter in the south too. Enjoy the outside!


    1. Just spoken to my Mum and she tells me they have snow at home – hard to imagine when we’re here in shorts!!! Hey you must fast forward to those winters overseas. Very cheap to live here. We’re averaging around 40 e per day for 2 inc fuel, gas etc and don’t feel like we are scrimping.
      in the meantime ramp the heating up.


  2. Paul Jackson says:

    Looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll soon acclimatise to the sunshine…..he says as he types with snow heaving down in south Manchester!

    Thanks for the inspiration – we can’t wait to start our own winter tours when we retire in a couple of years.



    1. Hey Paul, We don’t quite class ourselves as retired as feels a little weird at 48 & 49 although I could certainly get used to it and at the moment can’t see a reason to return to the rat race as its certainly a lot cheaper to live this lifestyle. Keep site of the goal and it will come round very quickly. In the meantime keep reading !!!

      Stay Warm
      Andi x


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