Moving North Torrox, Almerimar & San Miguel

16th March – 18th March 2016


Although the weather is generally better the further south you are in Spain at this time of year, we are continuing our journey north towards Alicante, our destination for our habitation service on the 28th March. From Fuengirola we headed past Malaga to Torrox. Having visited the area last year all we really wanted was a parking area for the evening and somewhere to chill out and recover after Paul’s birthday celebrations. We stumbled across a large car park which had some sort or sign mentioning caravans, but as the car park was reasonably empty and as we didn’t really understand what the sign said we ignored it and drove in anyway. We drove straight to the front bordering on the pedestrianised passeo (or promenade as we would call it) and looking out to sea. The weather was a little wild and although the sun was shining intermittently the wind was rather strong causing the normally calm Mediterranean to have some great large crashing waves. The afternoon was passed relaxing and strolling along the prom. An early night was in order for us to try and catch up on the sleep deprivation from the over consumption of alcohol the few days prior. By 10 pm we were therefore tucked up in bed for the night. Our sleep was to be cut short though as at 4am in the morning we were awoken by a loud banging on the side of the MH, I sat bolt upright and Paul shot out of bed as a second lot of banging took place he shouted out loudly something which sounded similar to the New Zealand Rugby team when they’re performing the haka. It seemed to do the trick as by the time Paul pulled the blinds down whoever it was had disappeared. With hearts pounding we didn’t feel comfortable going back to sleep so sat in bed drinking coffee until the sun came up. The experience though has taught us to either park where others are or ensure we both feel totally comfortable with our location. We should really have listened to our instinct as neither of us had felt 100% sure of our location – a slightly scary lesson!  Taking advantage of our early start we used the gym next to our parking area before an early retreat to our next destination.

IMG_9032 (2)
Taking advantage of the gym

With our experience of wild camping fresh in our minds we decided to opt for an aire the following night so that we could sleep comfortably and take advantage of the services for filling and emptying. We headed to Almerimar Marina (9 euros per night) which has good facilities including nice hot showers that we took full advantage of. I hope that doesn’t sound like we don’t shower at other times? The difference is in Boris we have to be a little more conservative with water so tend to turn the shower on to get wet – then turn back off whilst washing etc to then turn it back on again to rinse off. This on/off procedure of course is not necessary when showering normally so we just tend to take full advantage by lingering somewhat longer than normal! The weather today was sunny but windy around 15 degrees so we took a walk around the marina admiring all the yachts moored there. Another recovery night for us tonight though although I’m not sure if we’re still recovering from Paul’s birthday or from being woken at 4am this morning!

We are moving rather rapidly at the moment so that we can once again hopefully be stationery for the Easter weekend up near Alicante (where the MH is being serviced). In Spain Easter is still much celebrated with big processions throughout the weekend. Although neither of us are religious we certainly want to experience the atmosphere and be part of this huge event. On that note we moved a little further north stopping at San Miguel Cabo De Gata. Although the village itself is a little non-descript with a just a handful of restaurants, the parking was right on the beach front and occupied by lots of other motorhomes so we felt quite safe to stay here. The area was perfect for long walks on the beach and the weather was once again kind to us with cloudy skies but it was dry and around 15 degrees still.

On the off chance whilst here we text some friends of ours (Mags and Nigel) that have previously lived in the Mojacar area on the off chance that they may be over here currently and it just so happens they are (although they leave on Monday) so tomorrow we are going to drive 1 ½ hours further north and meet them in Vera Playa for a catch up.

Love Andi & Paul x

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