Noisy Nerja

Nerja GPS 36.749908 – 3.879198 free car park

15th April 2016

Having been to Nerja a couple of times when travelling in Spain last March we loved the feel of the place so headed in that direction hoping we could find somewhere to park Boris. With the weather forecast to be in the early 20’s we headed for the beach, but there wasn’t a parking spot in sight. As we’d crossed the bridge into the town though we’d spotted several MH’s parked in a large car park. The problem was were weren’t quite sure how to get into it. In the end Paul parked up and I went on foot to find the way in. After 20 minutes I returned gleedful that I’d found it only for Paul to say “Oh after you left I googled it and all we need to do is turn right here” GGGGRRRRR!

With Boris in situe we headed into town for a few beers and some people watching returning to Boris early evening. Shortly afterwards a van and several cars pulled into the car park and out piled a group of people all carrying musical instruments. It would appear Friday night is band practice in Nerja and for the next couple of hours we had free evening entertainment courtesy for the local brass band! Before they left Paul took out a crate of beer for them to share to thank them for our entertaining evening – after all it must have been thirsty work!!



Unfortunately we didn’t have a very peaceful night’s sleep  even after the band had left, as we were woken at 2.30am by several cars practising wheel spinning and hand brake turns! Note to self – avoid large car parks in town centres at weekends.

Although we had originally planned to stay a few days the next morning we headed down the coast once again – we needed a peaceful night and didn’t think we would get one on a Saturday night there.

Only 1 week and counting until my yummy mummy arrives – very excited

Until next time

Andi & Paul x



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