27 Days in Limbo

Feeling Glum!

Yes you read that right – 27 days to sort out replacement keys for Boris!!! Unbelievable!!

We both feel drained from this recent episode, but that’s not surprising as we have spent every day the last 27 telephoning insurance companies, the AA, the storage compound where Boris is located all to try and get answers on when our replacement key may actually arrive. In the time it took we could have moon walked back to the UK to get a new one.

Sitting it out in an all inclusive hotel sounds like a good number and we don’t want to appear ungrateful, but to add insult too injury we had 10 consecutive days of rain whilst there and so were going absolutely stir crazy even resorting to going out and buying a new game called Rummy Tiles that Dave and Anne Marie introduced us to ( we needed something too ebb away the boredom). On top of the bad weather the hotel seems to have a serious problem with a sickness bug passing from one to another and I ended up in bed for 3 days! We did meet some very nice and some very crazy people whilst there though that kept us entertained and smiling.

Keeping us smiling at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel Torrimolinos

We eventually allowed ourselves to get a little bit excited when our replacement key arrived on 12th May. We just had to wait for the technician to go out to the compound and re-program it to the motorhome. On the morning of Friday 13th we packed our bags in anticipation of checking out of our hotel only to be gutted to learn later in the day that the technician was unable to do it and that we now had to arrange for Boris to be towed to a dealer again! I was so upset I actually burst out in tears – just when we thought our troubles were over they seemed to be starting all over again! In the meantime we made the decision to go and sort a few things out at the compound as we needed to empty the water and fridge. We found out when we got there that we had only been sent one replacement key so would have no spare if anything like this should happen again and on top of that the key that they’d sent was not a master key either but the dudd key with no blipper for the alarm etc. Another thing to sort out come Monday. The compound confirmed though that the tow truck had been ordered for Monday. We booked back into the hotel for what we hoped would be our final weekend.

When Monday came around we waited to hear something but when it got to 5pm and we still hadn’t heard even whether Boris had been picked up Paul got back on the phone again. The insurance Co called the breakdown co and then in turn called us back to not only confirm that the vehicle had been picked up, but that it had also been fixed – dare we believe it!!!!!

We could collect it the following morning from the garage. So far we have not named names of the companies that have been involved in this saga but we will write a separate blog page soon telling the good, the bad and the ugly!

Looking forward to resuming business as usual on our blog.

Andi & Paul x




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  1. And it will have cost you a small fortune in hotel bills and phone calls! And frustration levels. Yes, very interested to hear who your insurers are!
    We were broken into in Copenhagen and had IT kit, cameras and my jewellery (the only thing that really bothered us) stolen. But, like you, we love our nomadic existence so much, it was just a blip. We are a little more careful now about hiding stuff in different places and general security, but undaunted.
    BUT going check the spare key unlocks the immobiliser NOW!
    Good and safe onward travel.


    1. Hoping to recover most of the costs from the insurance, but of course at this moment in time we have had to meet all the costs! Will update the blog with further details once the whole saga is over. We still have to sort out getting a full set of keys as only have a secondary key at present (even after all that waiting). We have to go to a dealer and order the new set ourselves so thinking of doing that in a large city like Barcelona as we move further north. In the meantime we are guarding the key with our lives.
      Sorry to hear you also had a mishap. Its the trauma and inconvenience that goes with it that’s really upsetting. I’m glad it hadn’t stopped you from continuing you’re travels though. If it had they would have won eh, and neither of us can allow them to do that.
      Happy travels
      Andi & Paul x


  2. Oh, oh, oh, and all that because of a dishonest person!!! Why are people like that! I hate it!
    What a nasty adventure. Still, I hope you won’t give up travelling! There are lots of honest people about as well. All the best!


    1. We definitely won’t give up travelling, its certainly made us more vigilant (or is that paranoid) though!!! We also were very fortunate to have two very nice motorhomers help us through it all and so have made new friends through our misfortune which has got to be a good thing. So glad to be finally back on the road. Big smiles all round again.
      Best regards
      Andi & Paul xx


  3. We are so saddened to hear of the issues you have had. Lessons are learned from them and the knack to move on ad enjoy the trip. Having suffered small blips (Karen’s bike and my iPhone if you dwell on the fact the insurance company will not cover all or in our case any of the loss) it can get to you. Remember why you are doing the trip and take off and fly again.


    1. We are just happy to finally be back on the road and doing what we love. As soon as we got Boris back it was almost like it had never happened.

      I hope the two of you are enjoying your time away despite you also having some mishaps by the sounds of it.
      We are having a ball.
      Enjoy. Love Andi & Paul x


  4. annerogers92 says:

    Please do name the names of the good the bad and the ugly, We need to know who the good guys are and expose the bad. I’m sure there are websites who would love to expose the bad. xx


    1. We intend to Anne, but not until it’s all finalised. We still have to get a full set of keys sorted as they only sent a secondary key despite a 4 week wait!

      Once everything is sorted we will update the blog warts and all!!

      Sounds like you and John are having some magnificent travels yourselves?
      We are not daunted by this experience, but are mighty glad to put it behind us.

      Keep in touch. All our love to you both

      Andi & Paul (AKA Gel Faces!!!)


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