Tossa De Mar & More Visitors

13th – 20th June 2016

Weather mixed sun and cloud + one day of rain

After waving goodbye to one lot of visitors we eagerly awaited the next as our friends Ali & Martyn were due out on the 17th June. We stayed at our campsite in Lloret for another couple of days after Pauls daughter had left. On the Tuesday we walked up to the local market to buy a delicious spit roast cooked chicken for dinner and stock up on fresh fruit and veg, and then caught up on washing.

Before leaving the following day we emptied and filled and gave our tanks a good clean out followed by a quick hose off for Boris with the camps car washing hose and a whizz around the local Lidl to stock up on food.  Our next visitors were meeting us in Tossa De Mar which was a short drive further up the coast. Although it has rather an unfortunate name Tossa is nothing like its near neighbour Lloret. It’s a pretty coastal town with narrow winding streets lined with lots of classy shops and dominated by a medieval castle overlooking the town and sea. Another surprise for us along this coast. Although there was an ACSI campsite there we discovered it was around 4 km out of town so we decided to head for a campsite nearer the town centre and see what price we could negotiate. We arrived to find that the campsite was not yet open for the season – this was a first for us and something we hadn’t even considered. We had no choice but to head back out of town to Cala Lavado the ACSI site. The campsite was set on a steep hill which ran all the way down to 4 coves. We chose a spot nearer to reception as it was still a good 10 minute walk back to the main road to the bus stop into town. After a walk down to the coves and back the rest of our evening was spent sitting outdoors having BBQ’d Dorada (or sea bream as we know it) and a game of rummy tiles.

An evening walk to Cala Lavada’s beaches


Fish supper on the BBQ – Love the outdoor life!


We were up early the following morning to beautiful blue skies and so taking advantage of the good weather and the campsites oversized washing machines we washed our extra quilt and fully declared summer by putting it in storage under the bed. There was a trail that led down through the woods into the town so we walked the 4km into town to get our bearings for our friends arriving the following day. We only realised once we were there that England were playing in the afternoon at 3pm against Wales (we had originally thought it was an evening kick off) so after a 3 course menu del dia for 14 euros each we found the only English bar in town and staked our places for what was to be England’s only win of the opening stages of the Euro’s (at least we didn’t miss it) after which we caught the local bus back up to the campsite.

Ali and Martyn were due to land at midday on the Friday so we had pre-arranged to see them near their hotel between 1pm & 2pm. They were last drop off on their transfer from the airport arriving around 2.30pm, a perfect time to find a nice little Tapas bar for a mixed meat platter for lunch. As our campsite was not that conveniently located we took a change of clothes for the evening and left them in their room, however after a mooch around the resort followed by a couple of rather strong gin and tonics we knocked getting changed on the head and went straight for dinner.

Fun times with our besties

Unfortunately the forecast for the following day was a little grim with heavy thunder storms and even flash flooding forecast. Although we awoke to heavy downpours it then stayed away until after lunch so we were able to walk around the castle and its winding cobbled streets taking in the stunning coastal views. After lunch though the rain set in and as often the case with seaside resorts we scratched our heads for things to do. The previous day we had discovered a café with 3 ten pin bowling lanes at the back of it so thought to keep us entertained for a little while whilst the weather was misbehaving we went and had a game – Paul came out the clear leader (even with his dodgy knee), the rest of us obviously need more practice. With the weather still lashing it down we dodged into a bar and had a couple of beers whilst waiting for the storm to pass. In the evening we found a lovely local basic tapas bar where we shared a mixture of local cuisine.

As the forecast for the following day was much better we planned that Ali and Martyn would come to our campsite for a chill out day spent lazing by the pool and swimming followed by a luch of meats and cheeses, a walk to the coves and an evening BBQ. For entertainment we set up a shooting range with the empty beer cans – it was a good excuse for the boys to empty more cans (not that they needed one!!!).


With more blue skies on the Monday we met at the beach where Ali and Martyn had a swim and us a snorkel before they went to shower and check out of their room. A leisurely lunch was followed by a couple of hours walking around the shops before we waved goodbye to them around 4.30pm. What a fabulous few days, in a pretty resort with two of our besties.


With no more visitors planned we will have the books out again deciding where we are off to next.

Until next time.

Andi & Paul x

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