The key saga continues!

After our initial 27 day wait for a replacement key to arrive the saga still continues. When we eventually received our replacement firstly they only provided one key and not a set of keys so we are having to be extra extra cautious with it (although I did accidentally leave it in my handbag on the back of a chair in the campsite bar earlier this week when we went indoors whoops). Secondly the key they provided was what is known as the dumb or secondary key.


The basic key provided after 27 days

We obviously therefore still needed a master/smart key for the vehicle. As we were heading towards Barcelona we obtained a list of dealers there so that we could visit and hopefully make ourselves understood enough to be able to order one. Our 1st attempt failed as the dealer didn’t have large enough access for our vehicle and so off we went to number 2 on our list. The access was still very tight but not impossible and with the help of google translate and Danny there who spoke a few words of English we managed to get one ordered on 1st June. He confirmed that it would be with them the following Monday 6th June so we paid the 222 euros and planned to stay around Barcelona until it arrived.

Still waiting for a smart key similar to this

When Monday came we telephoned Danny to confirm everything was OK and he told us that the key hadn’t yet arrived. After our previous 27 day wait we decided not to hang around and continue up the coast a short way with the intention of back tracking when its there.

Eight more days have since passed and several repeat calls to the dealer have confirmed that the new master key has still not arrived! This morning the very helpful receptionist at our campsite called on our behalf, the result of the conversation was pretty much well you are in Spain and this is how it is here.

So we are playing the waiting game but have now given them a deadline of 22nd June as by then we want to be heading further north towards France. Watch this space ………….

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  1. Gail & Darrell says:

    Blimey what a pain. I can imagine you’re well cheesed off with all this! 222€ sounds expensive as well. We are currently at Folkestone, due to cross the Channel in the morning so maybe we’ll see you in France?! Why are you leaving Spain btw – is it getting too hot now?

    Take care x


    1. Hi Both,

      I’m so excited for you both, I know how we felt in January when we started our trip – its an amazing feeling. How long are you planning on touring for?

      We have been in Spain since March and so never intended to stay this long tbh as we thought by now it would be too hot. The weather is ok at the moment though as its still only getting up to around mid 20’s where we are on the Costa Brava at the mo and actually we have got a mixed bag coming our way over the next week or so with cloud, rain, thunder etc (that’s if the forecast is to be believed!). I think in a couple of weeks though which will be nearing July it will start to get too hot for us – you guys used to live in Spain of course so you will know what its like!

      We want to spend some time in France as because we did the Santander route we didn’t do any of France on our way out. We are currently debating whether to head back to the UK in Sept as we have a warranty issue that needs sorting out at some point and although the original intention was to go back after a year we think it will just be too cold where as if we go in Sept we can hopefully be back out in Europe again in October.

      Keep an eye on the blog and if we are nearby we would love to share a beer (or 2).

      As for the key our MH insurance have agreed to pick up the cost of it. We just need to send them the bill at the end of it.

      Happy travels you two

      Love Andi & Paul xx


  2. Julia says:

    Jeez. Makes me think I’d never buy a MH ins Peugeot base. I can’t believe this is still not sorted.
    You must go and visit the canal du midi. Amazing scenery and lovely villages. Try ale Somail, Homps and Moissac. All well worth the visit. And sunny when we were there. Now done 600 miles north and nothing but rain.


    1. Hi Jules,You certainly couldn’t make it up could you. At least we’re mobile though. We obviously want the peace of mind of having a set of keys though after whats happened!! Thanks for the tips, I have always wanted to do the Canal Du Midi and Carcassone. We have now told the dealer that if the key isn’t here by next Tues we will be going back there for a refund. We are meeting friends in Tossa this wknd so won’t be moving far anyway. We are now thinking of heading back to the UK ourselves early Sept to get the warranty issues sorted on Boris and then can come back once sorted. That will leave us free to keep travelling next year and mean we won’t be in the UK in Jan when it’ll be freezing cold. It would be great if we could get together with you guys and Dave and Anne Marie in Sept if we are all around. Safe onward journey
      All our love A & P xxx


  3. Ken says:

    Feeling your pain guys – we went into Narbonne on the way down (currently in Portugal) for an awning repair. Identified the parts, had the credit card in hand then they said it’ll be 4 weeks until the parts arrive eeek! We’ll sort it when we get home…
    Loving the blog 🙂


    1. Hi Ken

      It seems nothing happens quickly out here. I think if our key hasn’t arrived by next Tuesday we will try and cancel it and get a refund so that we can continue our travels.

      We loved Portugal, but have got braver since we’ve been in Spain and wild camped a lot more here.

      Enjoy your travels.

      Love Andi & Paul x


      1. Ken says:

        This is our first trip abroad and the jury’s still out on wild camping. We’ve had a lovely experience in Spain but also this….
        When we’ve recovered we might try again 😉
        Take care


      2. Hi Ken,

        Mmmmm I feel your pain, we too have had similar car park experiences in Spain, so from these we now have rules which we follow when we wild camp:

        1) No car parks in towns at weekends as this inevitably leads to you being park of the wknd entertainment for the local youth!
        2) We now never park alone unless we feel absolutely sure (safety in numbers)!
        3) If it doesn’t feel right by day it’s definitely not going to feel right at night, so have a coffee & move on!

        Don’t let it put you off we have parked in some amazing wild spots in Spain. Just follow those rules and your instinct!!

        Love A&P x


      3. Ken says:

        That’s so helpful, thanks guys 🙂
        Ken & Gill


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