Catching up back in Blighty

We’d booked an early ferry back from Calais to try and avoid any issues at the port. We were lucky and didn’t encounter any problems (although I was more than a little horrified to see the size of the “jungle”) and even managed to get straight onto an earlier ferry despite having booked the cheapest ticket type which was for a specific time.

Although we have returned to the UK to get a few things sorted this is not the end of our travels. We have well and truly been bitten by “the bug” and intend to get back on the road again as soon as possible. We are excited though to have the opportunity to catch up with friends and family and as Boris is going to be at the Moho dealers for his warranty work we are also having to rely on their kindness (that’s friends and family not the dealers) to give us beds to sleep in.

After driving north from Dover we made our way straight to the Peugeot dealer to get our new key programmed. 20 mins later they had completed the job – we were amazed especially as we had attempted twice to get it done whilst away.

Our first couple of weeks back home is to be spent catching up with friends and family. With no motorhome to stay in we are having to rely on them to offer us beds for the duration of our stay. After a couple of nights with our friends Ali & Phil in Hurley where we were able to both park and empty the contents of our Moho we were looking forward to getting to my mums (where we will mainly be staying) and catching up with family at a pre-planned BBQ.

Whilst we have enjoyed our travels immensely and after just a few days back already have itchy feet to go again, it is also so good to catch up with our loved ones and we will be making the most of it whilst back.

Our plans now are hang around until the house purchase goes through we can then move into one of the flats whilst we renovate the other and vice versa. We hope to be away again before the end of the year and will be busy planning our next adventure in the interim so please let us know any must see’s or do’s. We fancy heading for Greece next year then heading up through Bulgaria to Croatia etc but of course that’s not set in stone.

We will keep everyone posted on here and intend to have some UK jollies once we get Boris back to ensure he’s behaving.

See you all soon for chapter 2

Andi and Paul xxx


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  1. Best of luck with the renovation! We’re having more or less the same intention/plan: sell our house, find a place we can live in when necessary, let out part of it, and LEAVE!!! But we will still be here ;-)) when you want to visit Antwerp, or Ghent, which is our favourite in Belgium!


  2. djnlondon says:

    Very best to both of you, today we are in Barcelona. Friends visiting all month so lovely. One is kindly bringing a replacement wing mirror for the van as we are right hand drive has to be got from UK.

    Hope you are back on the road as soon as possible. All the very best from the ‘Gappers ‘


    1. We loved our time in Barcelona, have a great time with your friends. Its strange being back in the UK although lovely to see family and friends we already can’t wait to go travelling again. Watch this space. x

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