We need a holiday …..

After just 19 days back in the UK and we are both feeling like we need a holiday!! It must be all the partying whilst catching up with family and friends that’s taking it’s toll as we haven’t even started any real work yet.

It feels like we’ve had an incredibly busy couple of weeks, but what exactly have we been doing with our time???

Well so far we have:

  • Had a family BBQ where we got to catch up with family that live close by.
  • Emptied the contents of the Moho (which was kind of like moving home) and dropped him off at the dealers for his warranty work.
  • Ordered a whole list of things on line that we now feel (with a little more experience under our belts) will enhance our travels – details to follow.
  • Had doctors and dentist appointments
  • Held a meeting with our accountant
  • Had a survey done on a property we hope to purchase and instructed solicitors
  • Babysat for our nephew & niece (who have grown up so fast whilst we’ve been away)
  • Stayed a couple of nights with friends who have kindly stored the contents of Boris
  • I have met up with some of my girlfriends and Paul his mates for catch ups
  • Had a meal out with my Mum’s new partner to get to know him
  • Visited my sister in Manchester and caught up with other friends from Widnes whilst there
  • Stayed at my aunt & uncles and caught up on some work stuff with them
  • Made decisions about the future of our business
  • Arranged damp proof and electrical checks for the new property purchase
  • Been shopping to stock up on cheap T Shirts and swimwear from the sales ready for our next trip
  • Planned our next few weekends seeing Pauls kids and grandchildren, friends we met on our travels and attending a friends 50th birthday celebrations.

As you can see we have really been making the most of our time back home and have had some amazing times already catching up with peeps, but all this good living is taking its toll with both of us feeling more than a little sluggish from our weekend antics.

We both have seriously itchy feet though already and are so looking forward to getting ‘back to normal’ and on the road again. We need to be patient though as have decided it makes sense for us to see the house purchase through and carry out the renovations whilst here. Fortunately as the  property is a house that has been converted into to flats we can stay in one whilst renovating the other and vice versa. For now therefore we are utilising the time to tie up some loose ends with our business and get ourselves good and ready for the off again so that as soon as all our projects are completed we can get back on the road.

The plan is probably to head to Spain/Portugal for winter, then we want to go to Greece and head east from there. Any tips and hints are always welcome.

Another progress report will follow soon

Andi & Paul x

P.S. I found out a very interesting fact this weekend that my great grandma was a Romany Gipsy – perhaps that goes someway to explaining why we are enjoying the nomad life so much!!!


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