In Limbo

Having taken Boris back to our dealers on 5th September we telephoned last week for a progress report and were told that he was likely to be with them for around another 6 weeks. This is due to the fact that they are having to wait for a replacement habitation door to be delivered from Germany. To be fair we only raised the issue with the door when we took him back to them as we didn’t realise it would require a new one. This doesn’t really present a problem for us currently for two reasons 1) we are waiting around for a property purchase to go to completion currently anyway and 2) we would rather all the niggles be sorted out whilst we are back in the UK so that we can get on with our travels without any further hiccups.

We do feel rather like we are in limbo at the moment though! Although our friends and family are being very kind giving us somewhere to lay our heads whilst we are here we would like to at least have some idea of when things are likely to happen.

Despite numerous e mails and phone calls to our solicitor, things on the house purchase just don’t seem to be moving very quickly currently and as our solicitor is now on holiday this week we won’t get any feedback until at least Tuesday. We would now like to be in a position where we can exchange contracts and agree a completion date so that we can start booking in tradesmen and placing orders etc. At least once we have the keys we can set about getting the place liveable again and this will give us an idea of when we will be able to book the next part of our trip. As the property is split into 2 flats we intend to live in one whilst renovating the other and vice versa so at least we will then be leaving friends and family in peace.

The new property


In the meantime we have some impending catch ups and celebrations, this weekend Cambridgeshire visiting Julia & Ian friends we met on our travels and next weekend Manchester celebrating one of my besties 50th birthday.

Hopefully good news to follow soon

Andi & Paul

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  1. My sympathy, house buying is always frustrating but generally nothing seems to be happening for ages and then all of a sudden it is sorted. The house looks great and having two flats seems a great plan.


    1. You’re absolutely right. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long now. We are keeping everything crossed. Then it will be all systems go.
      Best Wishes
      Andi & Paul

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  2. Your new property seems very ok to me, not too much work to be done, is there? Anyway success with it all!


    1. Looks can be deceiving!! There’s a fair amount to do if it all goes through ok. Some of it will be pretty disruptive too as there’s some damp that needs sorting & it needs a new kitchen in one of the apartments but we have done it all before so it doesn’t phase us. At least this time we won’t be working full time whilst doing it!
      Fingers crossed it all goes through now as there are a couple of obstacles we need to get over 1st.
      If its meant to be though it will all work out.
      Best Regards

      Andi & Paul x


  3. Fully understand the limbo. We had an enforced two weeks where our ‘van was off the road … fortunately we could stay at my parents house as they were away. But we’ve been hanging back in Blighty waiting for a pet passport for our rescue dog and with numerous repairs to the motor and the habitation, and now having lost confidence in our nearly 5 year old van, we’ve bought a new one. So pooling around the SW until we can take delivery on 21st October … killing time and not enjoying the cold!


    1. Hi Clunegappers
      Sorry for some reason I missed your message. Sounds like you’ve had more than enough troubles, we bought new (as you probably know) so just a bit of advice when you get your new baby – road rest it in the UK 1st as there are always a few niggles with new one’s. This will give you the chance to get them sorted before heading further afield. You must reply and let us know what you’ve gone for and where are you planning of heading for when you get back on the road again? Our property purchase has been further delayed so we are both a little frustrated at the moment as feel like we are just treading water until it all goes through. Then it will be all systems go to get it renovated before we get back on the road. At least they have plenty of time to sort Boris in the meantime!!!

      Best wishes and happy onward travels Andi & Paul


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