A Look Back at Our Year

Two years ago we received some life changing news, the EU were introducing a new set of regulations which would totally change our business. After working our butts off for 10 years at the time we were reeling wondering what we were going to do. Having both worked since we were 16 years old, we didn’t know a life without it. We needed some thinking time so headed to Spain, hired a car and toured for 4 weeks, booking accommodation as we went along. It was on this trip that we began to notice motorhomes dotted along the beaches and resorts. For us it was a lightbulb moment, with a scaled down business and some previous investments in properties which we rented out we decided to buy a motorhome on our return to the UK and tour Europe. Greatly geed along by others that had done similar things and thankfully shared their journey through their blogs. We devoured each and every one of them soaking up the experiences of others. So after much research and visiting of dealers – Boris became an important member of our family. Here’s a round up of our amazing first year of travels:

We have enjoyed some stunning million pound views


Witnessed numerous stunning sunsets

Shared precious quality time with our nearest and dearest

Made new friends

Celebrated Paul’s 50th on the Beach


Experienced fiestas and celebrations in every country

Visited a toilet filled with Gin


Eaten in the home of Jamon

Driven through gorges and across Viaducts

Roller skated and cycled & walked  hundreds of kilometres

Kayaked in Cognac

Watched a bull run in the street in Provence (never again)


Had sobering reminders of the ravages of war

Had keys stolen, been towed and had an unexpected month in a hotel

Had exquisite food and lots of accompanying wine


Watched Le Tour De France

Swam and snorkelled at stunning beaches


Most importantly we have learnt to relax



5 Comments Add yours

    1. Have a good one you two xxx


  1. tosan1 says:

    It’s a Brillant way of life 🚐
    Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2017 X


  2. Lovely to see you both looking so happy. xxx


    1. Hey my lovely, hope you’re all well and family life is good. We’re having an amazing adventure.

      Love & hugs

      Andi & Paul xxxx


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