Our 1st Visitors -Let the mayhem commence

21st – 27th January 2017

To say I’ve been looking forward to seeing my Mum and Aunty Chris would be an understatement, but as their flight wasn’t due into Malaga until around 7pm I would have to be patient a little longer. With the day stretching ahead of us until their arrival we used it to scope out a few things. Firstly we located where their apartment was, which happened to be just a short stroll from where we’d managed to park Boris. The apartment was a privately rented apartment in a huge block called the Hercules, on first view the block from the outside looked a little tired and unloved, feeling a little worried after seeing it I trawled back through to find the booking details so that I could take a look at the images a little closer. It was cleverly photographed though as none of the images showed the outside of the building, I was now just hoping that the inside lived up to the pics as it looked more than passable. Having found their location we now needed to suss out some bars and restaurants nearby that we could at least have the option to go to on their 1st night. We knew from our previous visit to the area that there was a square full of bars and restaurants just a short stroll away, on closer inspection it was a little bit too British for our liking but would more than suffice for one night. We then followed the road downhill until we reached the sea front, feeling by this point that we earned a cold drink, as  we supped a beer in the sunshine overlooking the beach we contemplated how lucky we are to have this opportunity to travel. Having made our way back to Boris we rustled up dinner of meatballs and spaghetti and were in the process of getting our act together to go and meet our visitors when they text to say they were at the airport having picked up their luggage and on their way in a taxi.  I can’t believe we’d had all day to prepare and now we were racing round like headless chickens at the last minute, trying to get out the door looking respectable and be at their apartments for when they arrived. We quickly tidied ourselves up, threw the shopping that we brought for them into some bags and rushed up the hill arriving just after them. We didn’t need to worry though as we had to hang around for another 20 minutes or so for the apartment owner to come and open up etc. We followed them up to their accommodation, feeling a little nervous in case it wasn’t up to scratch, but actually there was no need to be as the inside was just perfect and spotlessly clean. Phew! After they’d unpacked we made our way around the corner to the square, spotting a bar with a few other people in we went through the door only to find we’d gone into the wrong place. After a few walks up and down we finally managed to find the right way in!! I don’t think I stopped smiling all night – it’s just so nice to be in my Mum and aunts company.

Double Trouble – Mum & Aunty Chris Living it up!img_3673

Unfortunately despite only having a couple of drinks the previous night the next day I awoke with a monster of a migraine. I tried several times to get out of bed and get ready, but quickly concluded it just wasn’t going to be. I can’ believe my relatives  have travelled all this way and I am not going to be having fun with them.  Paul didn’t want to leave me on my own either so we left them to their own devices for the day . They arrived without us and fortunately the following day I was fighting fit and my Mum and aunt hadn’t been arrested for being drunk and disorderly the previous night, so we all got the train into Torromolinos and took a slow walk back along the front to Benalmadena, After a pit stop for happy hour cocktails 1 rather strong bloody mary for me & Paul and 2 for my mum and aunt we decided to go straight for dinner. Opting for a restaurant along the front Mum and I shared a paella whilst Paul and Chris opted for a fish & chicken kebabs respectively, I’m unsure what time it was but we were the last to leave the restaurant and thought if we didn’t the staff may be about to lock us in. We then had to do an uphill climb back which ironically didn’t seem so bad after several sherberts!

With everyone feeling fine the next morning we decided to head for Paloma park and have a picnic. The weather was sunny and bright and forecast to be 16 degrees but had a strong wind. Once at the park we hunted around for sheltered spots firstly opting for an area where we could have a game of boules then finding a sunny corner for our picnic. After a relaxing day we headed back to get ready for an evening out. After a little searching we came across a restaurant serving a menu del dia of 3 courses inc wine and coffee for only 12 euros. The meal was superb value and because of it the restaurant hardly had a spare seat.

Having fun in the sun at Paloma Park

My Mum had brought along a pile of birthday cards for me from friends and relatives back home so the following morning I was treated to coffee in bed whilst I opened them all. We had planned to get the train to Fuengirola for the day as it was market day there. The market was huge, so after doing a few rows we stopped off for coffee and cognac and a quick bite to eat, resuming the task again once we’d refuelled. After stopping off for an afternoon beer in a sunny square we caught the train back again and although only early we decided to go straight out to eat as by now we were all hungry again. On Saturday Mum & Aunty Chris had found an italian restaurant that they recommended and we had a superb quality meal, Paul and I opting for a rib eye steak sharing platter, Chris for Scallops and Mum for cod gratin. After wine and a digestive we were all ready to head back, although we heard the next day that Mum and aunt did manage a gin and tonic when they got back to their room!!!

Yes more alcohol well it was my birthday!!!

The next few days followed the same theme, of eating too much and of course drinking too much, but at least we got to see the local area (even if a lot of it was from the inside of bars) as it also included a trip down to Marbella incorporating a fabulous Tapas meal in the old town at a superb old taps bar called El Elparras.

We really do treasure the times we have with friends and family whilst on our travels, it such special quality time and something we just wouldn’t have got at home.

Can’t wait for them both to visit again!!!

After a rather busy and boozy week though we now plan to have for a rest!

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  1. Amazed you can remember their visit … so much booze! My Aged P’s visited us in Lagos for 8 days before Christmas and it just flew by. I felt really low after they left … remedy was to keep busy.


    1. We were shattered by the time they left & parked ourselves in a quiet spot for a weekend of doing nothing!!! I must admit it so hard saying goodbye again (I had a little tear) but I console myself that my mum will no doubt be out again soon – we just need to give our livers time to recover 1st. They are special times though. Keep smiling xxxx


  2. Going Nomad says:

    Delighted you had a great time with your mum and aunt. My parents used to come stay with us for 5-6 weeks every year when we lived in Spain….. great times. I lost my dad in June last year and my mum is no longer fit to travel alone – so we will have to make the journey home in May for her 80th birthday. Where did you park up in Benalmadena? Behind the Sunset Beach again?


    1. Hi You really have to treasure them whilst you can don’t you. My mum is 73 but has more energy than both of us put together.

      Behind the sunset beach now has barriers so you can still park there but you have to pay 12€ for the 1st 24 hours then 8€ for subsequent 24 hour periods. This time we parked at Paloma park but it’s roadside so noisy. Let me know if you need the co-ordinates. Keep enjoying left it makes you realise how short it is when you loose someone close doesn’t it xxx


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