Treading old ground in Garrucha & Mojacar

9th – 12th February 2017

With heavy snow on the way we needed to make our way back down the mountain to avoid being caught up there without snow chains. As we are now covering some old ground in Spain we decided to make a cross country journey along the A92 for a change of scenery. Following the line of the sierra Nevada mountains all the way the backdrop on route was spectacular. After passing through Guadix a city famed for its cave houses, we stopped off at Abla at a free aire where we could re-fill our water and empty out our grey and black water (loo to me & you). The road eventually led us onto the A340 past Tabernas and through another enchanting landscape, the snow capped mountains had now been exchanged for a desert like vista with large sand coloured hills interspersed with cacti. We could understand why the area been used for the filming of several cowboy films, the lunar like environment being perfect for it. The tourist industry have taken advantage of the film background and set up a mini Hollywood attraction where mock up film sets can be visited in the season.  We continued our drive until we reached the small whitewashed village of Sorbas where we stopped off for lunch and to stretch our legs. It didn’t take us long to walk around the compact village centre which was deathly quiet, but being mid afternoon this is often the case in Spain when locals & businesses still take advantage of an afternoon siesta, we even saw several local women walking the streets in their dressing gowns!!

After a short break we hit the road again and continued our journey until we reached Garrucha a traditional working Spanish town on the coast. After topping up with gas we headed for the marina a free parking area where we had stayed for a night or so last year (GPS 37.183605 -1.819928). After almost 6 hours driving we were ready for a rest & an early night. Our sleep however was interrupted by a rude awakening around midnight when the motorhome along with several others was pelted with oranges. As it was pitch black outside we didn’t know what had hit us and so Paul leapt out of bed quickly pulling on some clothes, but the culprits had long gone! Needless to say the rest of the night was a little sleep was somewhat restless. Fortunately there was no lasting damage to Boris from the oranges – just maybe a few more grey hairs for us!

The evidence of being pelted with oranges found on the floor the next morning

We awoke early and after our ritual of coffee in bed Paul did a workout & I took off for a 5km run discovering whilst out that Friday was market day, so after showering we took off to have a mooch.  Being a traditional Spanish town it wasn’t like some of the markets we have visited on our travels, rather than stalls being laden with goods aimed at tourists there was a fabulous selection of foods, from fresh spit roasted chickens to fresh veggies, spices, olives and honey. We came away loaded with bags all filled with one culinary delight or another.

With the weekend being full of six nations rugby fixtures Paul wanted to be somewhere that he could watch them so with that & a restful night’s sleep in mind we made our way back along the coast to Mojacar a vast coastal resort which has some 10 + kms of sea front and offers an array of resatuarant and bars many of which cater to the tourist market. We knew there was a campsite (GPS 37.125756 -1.833034) right on the front so pulled in to see if they had space. The price was a little steep for the winter season at 25 Euros a night, but it gave us a safe haven in the centre of the resort so we opted to stay for 3 nights. With Boris in need of a clean inside and out and us needing to catch up on laundry it would give us the opportunity to do our chores too. After a full day spent cleaning and with 2 loads of laundry caught up on & all appliances charged, we went out for a walk to suss out a suitable place for the Rugby. It didn’t take us long as just down the road we found a British bar which was due to show the games. After which we strolled a bit further finding a perfect sunny spot to stop off for an afternoon beer & tapas. Whilst there we got chatting to a couple on the next table who were visiting from Mijas (on the Costa Del Sol), they had owned an apartment out there for 13 years and were now trying to sell up and return to the UK. They told us that they would lose thousands on the sale as not only did they buy the property when prices were much higher, once they added up all the fees and taxes it would cost them around 22% of the asking price! An expensive lesson for them, but it also gave us some food for thought. We have often mulled over the eventual possibility of us buying a property somewhere overseas, however this story really made us think of where our money would be safest and we think now we will opt at some point to buy another property back in the UK (possibly by the sea or in an area we would like to live ourselves at some point in our lives), in the interim if we don’t want to live in it immediately we can let it out and the income will allow us (if we wish) to rent a place overseas (that’s once we are done travelling around which won’t be anytime soon), that way our money will be safe and we will have a place to return to in the future.

The following day whilst borrowing ladders to clean Boris’s roof from one of the neighbouring motorhomers (Nick & Liz), Paul was invited to watch the rugby matches with them. They were borrowing a big screen tv and setting it up outside on their pitch for both matches on the Saturday and the one on Sunday. We nipped out to the local supermarket to stock up on beer and accepted their invitation.

Our fridge stocked ready for the 6 nations gathering


With 6 of the crowd being English and 2 being Welsh it would make the England v Wales game interesting. The right result prevailed for the majority of us and England won – a least I had a happy boy!

(The weather during the last few days has been a little cooler and overcast with spotty showers. Average temps of between 13-15 degrees.)

Hasta Luego

Andi & Paul x


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  1. Going Nomad says:

    A pity we passed each other without knowing. Had I known there was a rugby gathering nearby, I might have made the trip! I haven’t been able to catch any of the games yet, except for re-runs on YouTube. Needless to say as an Ireland supporter I was gutted at our first result. We will need to up our game if we are still to stay in the running for what could be the championship decider on the final weekend when England travel to Dublin :-). What might be in our favour is that with the new points system, we have already clocked up 2 bonus points, although I don’t think any more “losing” bonus points will do us any good!


    1. It’s a shame we missed you. We’re at Aguilas now for Carnivsl wknd so have hunted for a place to watch the games & have found a sort of sports bar – think ladbrooks with beer. I don’t suppose the atmosphere will be much but at least we get to see the games. Bring it on!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marina says:

    So where will you be watching the 6 nations this weekend? We’re thinking of heading to Mojacar. The skiing looked good, very tempting but like you,no clothes etc


    1. Hi, We’re now further down the coast nr Aguilas – there’s not many places to watch it here as it’s a very Spanish town rather than touristy town but we’ve found a little sports bar, (think Ladbrooks with a bar!) so that’s where it’ll have to be. There’s a big carnival here tomorrow so came for that. Mojacar has loads of places that will show it, so you won’t have a problem finding it on there.


      Paul & Andi


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