Treasured Times at Playa De Carolina Spain

The last couple of weeks we have broken new boundaries by staying in the same place for a whole 15 days!! The spot worthy of this extended stay is just up the coast from Aguilas at Playa De Carolina (GPS 37.385948 -1.628475), a wild camping spot with a bay on each side where we were guaranteed a view which ever window we looked out of.

One of the reasons for our lengthy stopover was that for around a year now we have followed fellow travellers Karen and Myles Davies (The Motoroamers) blog’s and video clips on facebook, often interacting with each other about similar experiences. We were close to meeting during last year’s travels when we missed each other by just one day at Guejar Sierra, so when we found out they were just down the coast from us in the direction we were heading we arranged a rendezvous. Our fellow nomads left the UK just 2 months after us in March so are now on month 12 of their travels. Originally aiming to be away for a year, like us they have settled into the travelling lifestyle and caught the bug and so currently have no plans to put an end to their wanderlust. Ironically Karen and Myles have also planned to include Greece in their travel plans for this year and will be following a similar route to ourselves.

Although a little apprehensive about meeting up beforehand in case we didn’t get on, we quickly realised we’d had nothing to worry about as the four of us got to know each other over a few beers. The 10 days that we spent in their company were filled with fun and laughter.

During our time together we have cooked up feasts, kayaked on the sea, walked the surrounding cliff tops, flown “Dave” the drone, Cycled to a picnic spot on the beach, Played Boules, Watched Rugby (well the boys did), Learnt new board games, shopped (well the girls did), attended one of the best carnavals in the region and most importantly feel very privaledged that we have made two new friends.

Getting Acquainted 


Food Glorious Food

Kayaking Adventures 


Walks On the Surrounding Cliffs

Carnaval Aguilas Style 


Until Next time

Andi & Paul xxx



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  1. Shug Bogie says:

    Looks amazing. Is the wild camping site regulated for which spot to pick or is it just a case of any spot available (within reason)?


    1. Hi

      Carolina is wild camping so you just turn up and get on if you can. There’s a petrol station a couple of km’s away that allows you to empty your black and grey and fill with water for just 2 euro. Its called Annibal. Last year when we were at Carolina there were 5 moho’s there, this time it was up to 60 at times mainly because the Murcia police have clamped down on wild camping however the entrance to Carolina is in Andalucia so it doesn’t seem to have affected it (yet), although the police were round a few times the day before we left.
      Happy travels


  2. Going Nomad says:

    Looks like you had a great time with Karen & Myles. We avoided all the beaches around Aguilas because of the news of everyone getting moved on – so excellent information about the Murcia / Andalusia border 🙂


    1. We have now moved inland, its only really the coast where there’s an issue. Afterall there’s always somewhere to park! x


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