What does a years touring Europe cost?


As we ring in the end of another amazing year, it’s time for a quick look at how much our travels have cost us. Of course this question is a bit like “How long is a piece of string”, as everyone’s travelling needs, wants and desires will be slightly different.  We have had a year that dreams are made of, where we have enjoyed culture and castles galore, we’ve tried our hand a zip lining, had our 1st go at stand up paddle, had a 4×4 jeep experience that added to the grey hair count, watched burning effigies in the middle of a town centre in the name of celebrating the end of winter, been mesmerised by a 5 hour carnival parade, invested in our own kayak, the one and only ‘Kev’, snorkelled a lost city under the sea, watched 100’s of sunsets and sunrises in breathtaking spots and appreciated the delights of the local cuisine in every country we’ve visited.

Our expenditure below is based on the following:

  • A 371 day trip, covering approximately 11,500 miles
  • Visiting 9 different Countries (2 of them twice)
  • Staying on a mixture of campsites, camperstops and wild camping spots.
  • Living like we would at home, eating out maybe once or twice a week and the rest of the time cooking ourselves.
  • Totals are for 2 people
  • Costs include everything, all activities, entrance fees, insurances, ferry costs, fuel etc

Click on the link below to view our spending breakdown


Total Annual Spend was £20,973.33

Average Daily Spend £56.63

We are still amazed that we have managed enjoy so many amazing experiences and visit so many new Countries on just over £10,000 each. I hope this inspires you to do it too.

Happy New Year All

Andi & Paul x


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  1. It is so inspiring to ‘meet’ through our blogs, realise we have been doing such similar things and enjoying everything. We feel very privileged to be lucky enough to travel in this way, and pleased our budgeting, like your’s, enables this excellent way of life. Happy travels in 2018, may be we will meet up one day! Lucy and Chris


    1. Hi Both,

      We were so close at one point in Spain, its a shame we didn’t get to meet up. Have a great year and continue to enjoy your travels.

      We are off further afield for 3 mths to Thailand & Cambodia next week then back to the UK for a tour as not done it yet.

      Stay in touch

      Andi & Paul x

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  2. Leo Nelis says:

    Hi Andy and Paul, A happy new year to u too. Happy traveling. We are still traveling. We are in Costa Rica at present. Go back to NZ in two weeks time. Traveling through Italy coming from Greece we decided that we want to live in Italy. We bought a place in Umbria. We go back there in March. Cheers, leo and Lily

    On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 5:50 AM followourmotorhome wrote:

    > followourmotorhome posted: ” As we ring in the end of another amazing > year, it’s time for a quick look at how much our travels have cost us. Of > course this question is a bit like “How long is a piece of string”, as > everyone’s travelling needs, wants and desires will be slight” >


    1. Hey you 2,

      Happy new year. You certainly don’t let the grass grow under your feet do you?

      My sis loved Costa Rica so i hope you’re having an amazing time.

      We are back in the UK catching up with friends and family over Christmas then off for 3 months in Thailand & Cambodia on 7th Jan.

      Good luck with your move. Stay in touch.

      Andi & Paul xxxx


  3. Hi Andi and Paul. Thanks for sharing your expenditure for the year. I am now feeling better about the amount we spend on eating out (it is similar to yours). I’ve looked at too many frugal blogs and was feeling guilty about that spending line. We were only travelling for around 1/3 of the year in our campervan but if you want to take a look, our spending for the year is https://backontheroadagainblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/02/24000-year-budget-for-two-people-who-are-on-holiday-for-1-3rd-of-the-year-2017-finances-reviewed/


  4. deanpullen1 says:

    Very interesting figures and great to see a breakdown. We have been fulltiming since Jan 2009. Our 1st year we spent approx £20k

    Looking forward to reading other posts.

    Maybe our paths will cross sometime. 😉


    1. Originally we tracked our spends to ensure we had enough money to be able to enjoy this lifestyle, but now its become a habit and it’s a good disipline. I use an app called spending tracker. Ironically though we saved money whilst having this amazing life! If we didn’t drink or eat out we’d be quids in, but where’s the fun in that!

      Best wishes


  5. waiting33 says:

    Thx for those cost figures. We are having a few months break at the moment in Thailand but are halfway through our Lap of Oz. we have been thinking about motorhoming Europe after that so look forward to more info.


    1. Wow that sounds like quite a trip. Isn’t traveling amazing. We did 2 months in Thailand ourselves last winter. Having not been for 10 years, we found it head changed amazingly in that time.

      There’s some fabulous exploring to be done in Europe, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. We still have lots to discover ourselves. We are taking off again early January did 3 months. We are heading to Portugal first and then who knows.

      Please feel free to get in touch again if we can help in any way with info.

      Happy travels and enjoy the festive season.

      Andi x


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