We are back in the UK….So what’s next…..

I know it’s been a while since we have posted a blog and that’s because we have been enjoying a different sort of travelling. After a quick 4 week flit back to the UK to get together with as many family and friends as possible over Christmas, we were off again. This time though we left Boris behind having a list of remedial work looked at (most of which is still covered by the warranty). We opted to go much further afield spending 2 months in Thailand and one month in Cambodia. It seems we chose well with temperatures and weather both here and in Europe being the worse that’s been seen for quite some years. I know we shouldn’t gloat but temps towards the end of our trip were in the mid 30’s at night time, it was hard but we coped!!!

That’s it though after almost 3 months of swanning around, trying to find any bit of shade we could, we have now come down to earth with a bump having returned to the UK in time for the lovely Easter weekend weather. Even if Boris had been finished I don’t think we’d have been too keen to get away in him ! As it is we are still waiting for an update ……..  we are hoping it’ll be forthcoming this week.

So what’s next ……. The truth is we don’t really know ourselves.  We know we want to find a bolt hole that we can call home when we come back to the UK. After all this is the 3rd time now that we’ve moved in to my Mum’s spare room whilst back and although she’d have us anytime we do need somewhere to relocate all our furniture and personal belongings to that have been in storage for over 2 years. The problem is we really don’t know where we want to live (although a beach-side location may be nice), so the idea is that once we have Boris back we will go on a little discovery tour. Obviously budget and location have also got to match.  Our other tasks are to buy another rental property and a car so that we have transport (we have already paid a deposit so will be mobile again from this weekend). Our 3 month trip gave us lots of thinking time and we kind of made a decision that we may sell Boris, however yesterday we dropped in on some fellow motorhome owners Ann & Mark who we’d met on our travels and both came out of their place having regurgitated travel stories and had a tour of their new Frankia saying that we are not sure we can part with him, it’ll be a tough decision either way.

For now as well as car shopping we are busy catching up on missed appointments, paperwork, accounts and taking care of a couple of jobs that need doing at our rental properties, as well as arranging several trips up and down the motorway for next week to catch up with family.

Hopefully our next update will be being reunited with Boris. Until then safe and happy travels everyone.

Andi x

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  1. Nice to hear about your ‘sunny adventure’ in far flung places. Hope you find somewhere suitable for a bolt hole, as we did, moving from the Midlands to Salisbury where it is warmer and closer to the sea, forest and crucially easy access to France/Spain. Hope you continue to enjoy Boris in this country and abroad, with somewhere to call home as well.


    1. Sounds perfect. We are also in the midlands (at the moment at least). Everything always has a way of working out so fingers crossed we will have our bolt hole, still have Boris and have another buy to let under our belts. That’s utopia! Happy travels x


  2. kentom99 says:

    Noooooo! Don’t sell poor Boris 😦
    We’ve just taken all of our own stuff out of storage & rented a small bungalow while we build our own house. Just knowing our Vince is on the drive for an instant escape from the stress is worth more than we’d get if we sold him 😄
    Good luck tho, whatever you decide.


    1. Having seen him last week we really don’t want to sell him now, but really want somewhere to call home and another rental property and to still be mortgage free. Fingers crossed we will find all this within budget.
      Good luck with the house build, big admiration on that one. x


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