New Roots

We are pretty excited here at follow our motorhome HQ (A.K.A Chez Boris), as we have found a cute little house that we are hoping will soon be ours. After just a couple of weeks of hard house hunting,where we were finding that properties were being snapped up as soon as they came on the market if not before, we have found what we think is a perfect little home. Our long list of wants was almost met, it had to be walkable to Birkdale Village centre, have a real fire or the opportunity to install one, have an open plan sociable kitchen area, a drive, at least 2 beds and an easy to manage garden that would allow us to still go off travelling. We have almost achieved all of this apart from the driveway, but we have compromised as it’s on a quiet street with parking options outside or nearby and we have found storage for Boris. With the survey completed and no chain, we are now just waiting on searches to come back before we can look forward to exchanging contracts and breathing a sigh of relief.

This doesn’t mean an end to our travels though, it just means that we may go for shorter periods of time. It also means that when we come back, we have somewhere to call home rather than relying on sofa surfing or taking over my mums spare room.

We have a busy time ahead of us though, as the contents of our previous 4 bed house with a double garage now need to be condensed down to fit into a 2 bed house with no garage and just a small shed! We intend to head back down to the Midlands to have a mass clear out at the local car boot sale and on e bay next week. Do get in touch if you know anyone that’s setting up home soon and may benefit from our clear out.

With the deed of finding a house now off the “To Do” list we intend to enjoy a sunny bank holiday up in Southport. Plans to have dinner in Manchester with my sis, catch up with an old work colleague and go and see the tall ships in Liverpool are all in place.

Happy Bank Holiday all.

Andi & Paul xxx

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  1. Jan Lawrance says:

    We are in the process of doing exactly the same thing but on the other side of the world ,New Zealand After travelling in Europe and the UK and bringing our motorhome home we are selling our big house buying a smaller one mortgage free so we can continue travelling and not have to work much. Life’s for living and we love travelling. Have you ever been down under?


    1. Hi Jan, Apologies for the late reply, things have been a little hectic of late.

      Sounds like you guys have the perfect plan in place and I couldn’t agree more that life is certainly for living. It’s no good having regrets when it’s too late eh?

      Not sure that we will get much travelling in this year ourselves other than in the UK, but after such extensive travels of late it’s good to be grounded for a while (although I’m sure that feeling will wear off pretty soon).

      Paul has been to New Zealand and we have both been to Oz. Who knows maybe we will make it over again one day.

      Good luck
      Andi x


  2. Julie White says:

    Looks like a lovely light filled house, fingers crossed all goes well. We made a similar move a couple of years ago and we’re still clearing out things that no longer fit in! We’ve even downsized to a smaller dog :). We love our new, smaller, home in Cheltenham but like you we didn’t achieve a driveway and unfortunately parking is at a premium so we have to keep our van in storage which is a pain. As a result we are downsizing to a smaller van that we can keep on the street when we are at home. I’m hoping we can apply the lessons we learned from downsizing the house to downsizing our van 😂. Good luck with your move and keep us all in the picture.


    1. Hi Julie, Apologies for the delay in replying, it’s all been a little chaotic here of late. I am hoping that keeping Boris in storage does not prove too tricky. Time will tell eh! He won’t be far away so fingers crossed.

      We are just in the middle of a big declutter and have 2 car boot sales planned for this weekend as well as a load of stuff listed on e bay.

      As there is no chain we could be in within a couple more weeks, hence trying to get our house in order!

      Good luck with the new van. Let us know what you decide on and happy travels of course.
      Best Regards
      Andi x


  3. Congratulations and fingers crossed for a quick completion. It looks immaculate and garden perfect for a ‘lock-up-and-leave’so you can still travel. Busy time for you now!


    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Fitting the contents of a 4 bed house with double garage and loft storage into a 2 bed house with no garage and loft storage will no doubt prove tricky. We are frantically trying to sell lots of our clutter right now!

      Best wishes and stay in touch.
      Andi x


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