How much does a motorhome cost per year?

One of the things we have always done since travelling is keep a record of our spends. We use an app called Spending Tracker, but of course this can be done just as easily on a spreadsheet. Our first three months of last year were spent touring Thailand and Cambodia, so this year I’m especially intrigued to see how this trip in our motorhome compares. This got us talking about how much our motorhome costs us to keep on the road each year , like a house does, it costs money to run. I realise that this question is very subjective as there are so many variants, so all of the information posted relates to our motorhome and is meant as a guide. I have to admit that this exercise has come as somewhat of a shock because normally these costs are just hidden amongst our other monthly outgoings.

Click on the link below to read in excel, I’m sure you’ll agree, it makes interesting reading.

motorhome cost tally

 Fixed Costs  Amount per year
Road Tax  £                      265.00
Insurance inc breakdown cover  £                      513.00
Engine Service  £                      220.00
Habitation Service  £                        95.00
MOT  £                        55.00
Storage  £                      420.00
 £                  1,568.00
One off costs repairs  Amount
Leisure Batteries x 2  £                      215.00
Repalcement water pump  £                      220.00
Rewire of solar panel  £                        55.00
Silicone for bathroom  £                          5.00
 £                      495.00
One of costs  Amount
chairs  £                        70.00
bike cover  £                        50.00
Cadac  £                      100.00
 £                      220.00
Trip Costs*  Amount
Eurotunnel return  £                      197.00
Travel Insurance  £                        67.00
 £                      264.00
* expenditure to follow
Total  £                  2,547.00

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it is interesting and you’ve not had too bad a year but these costs do vary. I shared our 2018 spending which had gone a bit haywire due to our campervan needing new brakes and tyres (front and back) and a new wing mirror thanks to a thoughtless Spanish driver. We also had a power steering issue and had to fix the air con. Here’s hoping 2019 is a bit cheaper!


    1. Hi Carol,

      You’re right they do vary, and obviously the more you use it the cheaper per night it becomes. Luckily we use ours lots but it’s an expensive hobby if you don’t.

      Happy travels


  2. Deby says:

    We were only thinking about this today. Motorhoming isn’t always a cheap holiday when you take all these costs into account. We live in the Cayman Islands, one of the most expensive places in the world to live, but we expect our European motorhome trip to probably average more per month than living in the Caribbean! Our insurance is even more because we will be effectively full-timing so the annual cost for that is just under £1,000! Robbery!


    1. Hi Deby,

      The actual travelling part is not expensive, its the vehicle and associated costs that mount up. I wrote a blog after we’d travelled for a year which may be worth a read if you haven’t done so already. Here’s the link

      Have you tried Safeguard for insurance? We got 365 days European cover with them for around £500. and that included our breakdown cover.

      I’m certainly not complaining though as it’s a great way to travel and you end up seeing places you’d not otherwise see.

      Don’t forget to drop us a line if we can help with any questions along the way.

      Happy travels

      Andi x


  3. suedt1921 says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s surprising how repairs can mount up but we love the feeling of freedom motorhome gives us. Happy travels.x


    1. It’s certainly a great way of travelling and you can just get to places that are not on the tourist trail. I think if anyone of us calculated the cost per night in a motorhome then we wouldn’t do it! LOL. Happy motorhoming.
      Andi and Paul x

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