What a “pleasant” trip

We really didn’t think we would have the time or opportunity to get away in October as we were in the middle of renovating a house to rent out that was proving more than challenging and rather than the list of jobs getting smaller week by week they seemed to be increasing as we found more and more wrong. A phone call from Paul’s daughter Holly asking if we could have our granddaughter Aleyah for a few days at half term  really made us get a spurt on as we weren’t going to miss out on that! Dates agreed we just had to decide where to go.

As we had the perfect chance to meet up with my sis and family we decided on Derbyshire again as its a perfect halfway house. The kids wanted to sleep with us in Boris so it we just needed to find a site with some sort of accommodation for 2. Being October they wanted somewhere warm and with a proper bed (can’t say as I blame them).

Glamping and camping at Mount Pleasant

I almost want to keep this place a secret so we can have it to ourselves again. What a find! The glamping units were just perfect, clean, cosy, spacious and even included a welcome pack of tea, coffee, milk, bread etc – what a nice touch! Its always the little touches that make a place extra special. Although Boris is rather luxurious himself I was tempted to suggest a swap – but as we stayed for £18 a night inc electricity I think that persuaded us not to. With an 8 and 9 year old with us there were other bonus’ with this site. It was very close to the beautiful Dovedale and only about 15 mins drive from Alton Towers! Based on a working farm it was perfect for the girls to run around in safety and feed all our leftover veggies to the pigs and pony. Take a look at their site http://mountpleasantglamping.co.uk/ . Sarah and Whizz were such lovely hosts and made us so welcome.

Mount Pleasant and Dovedale
Mount Pleasant and Dovedale
Girls made up for scarefest! Having family time
Girls made up for scarefest! Having family time

Loving this life!

Andi and Paul

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