We’re Expecting Visitors!

Praia Da Rocha GPS N37 11891 W8 53037 Cost 3 euros per night plus 2 euro for 100 l water

Exploring Praia Da Rocha & the packed motorhome parking!

Weather on arrival dry, scattered cloud and sun 16 degrees followed by rain showers for 4 days

Date: Arrival 8.2.16 Leaving 19.2.16

An hour or so’s drive up the coast would have seen us arriving at our next destination Praia Da Rocha, on route we stocked up on food and finally managed to find somewhere to re-fil our gas (it was getting rather low) so despite an early start we arrived on site around midday. We’d heard it was busy in the area, fortunately the parking area for motorhomes is huge but still fairly packed out. No problems getting a space though and so with Boris now in the same spot until 19th February we could do a bit of exploring and get excited about our impending visitors. One of the things that made it easier leaving the UK was the fact that my Mum, Sister, Bro-In-Law and Niece would be joining us for a week only 4 weeks after our departure. And so here we are impatiently awaiting their arrival…….hurry up you lot!

As the weather has been against us the last few days with heavy showers we have done less exploring than we’d have liked so will have lots to discover once the fam get here.

Please excuse us if we go quiet for a week or so whilst they’re with us – we want to spend as much time as possible with them so will catch up on all things blog like when they have gone back.

Love Andi & Paul x

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  1. Belgian Beauty (our motorhome, not me ;-)) says:

    Oh, yes, please do enjoy your fam get together! Your blog followers can be patient, they know they can expect wonderful pictures and great stories after fam time!


    1. Better get on with it then hadn’t I? Back very soon x


  2. Sue says:

    Ade, it is great to be able to follow your adventures and has enabled meto see parts of the world I wouldn’t normally see. I amso envious of your, you and Paul are livin the dream but here is something to think about, my Fern has set a date for her wedding, September 30th 2017 and she would love for you both to be here if it is possible, 20 months away so you have time to think about it and maybe plan a trip?
    Love to you guys and keep the blog coming
    Love Sue & Fern xxx


    1. Its great to know friends are taking the time to read about our adventures. I’m sure we will also enjoy reading back on it at some point. It’s amazing even after a few days of not writing it’s difficult to recall all the things we’ve done so I know if we weren’t writing it down we’d forget some of the amazing experiences along the way. We know we are very fortunate to have this opportunity (despite the circumstances that led up to it) and need to cherish all the special moments.

      Fab to hear that Fern set a wedding date – not sure where we will be around then but would be a good excuse to come out to see you guys.

      Sorry I’m gonna miss your visit to the UK this year though. You will be in my thoughts as always.

      Be happy

      Ade xxxx


  3. Enjoy being with your family … may parents joined us in Stockholm and Sicily and my daughter in Italy twice and France and I fly home to see her. Travelling is so great, but the only thing we miss are
    family and close friends too.

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