Treasured Memories

Praia Da Rocha Algarve Portugal

Weather Mainly windy and chilly with showers!!!( How dare it when we have visitors) Although the 16th was dry and sunny 14 degrees

11/2/16 – 19/2/16

Special times with family

When I asked our 8 year old niece Anya to write about the best bits of being out here in Portugal this is what she wrote – it definitely summed up our week of all being together. Special times creating special memories for sure.

This notes a keeper!

As they arrived late on the 11th we’d arranged to call them the following morning to arrange getting together. Their apartments were around 45 minutes’ walk away so we hopped on our bikes and cycled up there the following morning. They had certainly chosen well as the 2 bed apartment at Jardim da Vau had a separate lounge which housed a sofa bed – that was it then we collected bedding and moved in for the week!

Despite the weather being rather grim during their stay we have had a fabulous week sharing laughs and of course lots of food, wine, beer and the occasional gin. Paul and I declared ourselves on holiday for the week too (well we couldn’t let them come all the way to Portugal and not share the whole experience)!

Our week in photographs below:

Mum and Dee modelling their new scarves

Enjoying time with one very special young lady!

At least we managed one day at the beach

The thing we do best – Eating and Drinking!

As we have travelled through Northern Spain and Portugal over the last few weeks we have been looking forward to meeting up with this mad lot the whole time. The week spent together was perfect (apart from the weather) although the goodbyes were very hard! Until next time you crazy kids- missing you all already and wish you were still here.

BTW: Been gorgeous and sunny since you left -breakfast alfresco and picnic on the beach.

Lots of love

Andi & Paul

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