Catching up ….

19th February 16 – 21st February 16

Praia Da Rocha (yes we’re still here)

Weather 19th & 20th Bright and sunny 16 degrees 21st Cloudy and windy start but bright afternoon 14 degrees

We decided to hang around in the same spot for a few more days so that we could catch up on the more mundane tasks associated with travelling. On our weekend “To Do” list were the following

  1. Laundry
  2. Food shopping
  3. Cleaning the outside of Boris (Oh and buying the equipment to do this as we didn’t think it through beforehand)

Fortunately the motorhome parking area is located next to the marina and so a forward thinking local has set up a self-service launderette conveniently located for both. So armed with 2 giant bags of our dirties we set to task and 2 hours later returned with bags of clothes smelling a whole lot better. It’s still at the time of year here where layers are necessary as the wind can be cool and the weather changeable so we seem to be creating more than our fair share of washing – so much so that a Dutch lady in the launderette asked me how many of us there were in our motorhome as she though with the amount of washing we had we had an army of kids with us! When I informed herr that there were only 2 of us – she promptly replied “You’re camping & so you’re supposed to be a little bit dirty”! We must be the cleanest campers out there judging by everyone else’s small washing loads!

With our 1st chore completed we cycled into Portimao to find the Jumbo hypermarket as we needed to purchase Boris cleaning equipment. For some reason we didn’t really consider having to clean the outside before we left, but with 5 weeks travelling behind us and lots of rain and mud he was looking more than a little grubby. We stocked up with essentials (as much as we could carry in our bike panniers and in our backpacks and took a wobbly ride back to camp. We were back by lunch and as the sun was shining packed a picnic and walked along the beach to find a sunny spot out of the wind to sit and relax for the afternoon.

Finding a spot out of the wind for our afternoon beach picnic. This is the life!

The weather forecast for the Saturday was equally as good so as the motorhome that had been parked about 3ft from us had moved off we quickly took our chairs and table out and commandeered the spot. After re-filling and emptying our waters. We had our 1st breakfast alfresco and watched the world go by for a few hours from our vantage point on the edge of the parking area. Inevitably we got chatting to various people as they strolled by and were invited for drinks by Roy & Lynda (who we had literally just met for a 5 minute chat) early evening. They were old hands having travelled to the Algarve for several years now for the winter season and as well as a very well stocked drinks cabinet (well it was when we arrived at least!!!) they also had a ladder which would make getting up on the roof to clean Boris the next day a whole lot easier.

IMG_7811 (1)
Breakfast Alfresco

With me on the roof of Boris scrubbing away and Paul doing the rest we almost had a queue of others asking when we could do their van. With around 150 on this one parking area I think if we wanted a new business venture it would certainly keep us busy!!! Judging by the state of some of the other roofs from my vantage point though I don’t think I’d envy the task.

The start of a new venture maybe? On the roof cleaning Boris


With the job completed and Boris gleaming we decided to head out to a Tapas lunch to Humbertos a restaurant we went to several times last week when our family were over. I couldn’t resist taking this pic – wish you were here with us still though!!!

Tapas at Humbertos was not quite the same without the rest of the gang

We have seriously itchy feet again now, so tomorrow we are back on the road retracing our steps west along the Algarve to visit some of the places we missed on route.

Sending some sunshine to you all wherever you are.

Before we sign off I just want to send BIG congratulations to our friends Paul & Emma Stringer who’s new addition Jack made a slightly earlier than planned arrival on 16th Feb. I know you two are gonna make fab parents. Give Jack an extra cuddle from us XXXX

Andi & Paul xx




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