Active days at Cabo de Palos and La Manga


31st March 16 – 4th April 16

Weather sunny and windy around 18 degrees

I’ve always been a little intrigued by La Manga I don’t know why – maybe it just because it’s a strip of land only 300m wide with sea on both sides. Or maybe it’s because the England football team have been known to go there on a jolly (or was it training), Whatever the reason I was about to see it for myself as we headed in that direction.

Before heading into/onto (not sure which is correct) La Manga, we opted for an overnight stay near the lighthouse at Cabo de Palos a pretty little harbour town with a handful of restaurants and bars and stunning coves and beaches. The weather once again was sunny for our afternoon discovery walk and the crystal clear blue waters were looking most inviting and so as we strolled we made up our minds that tomorrow if the sun is shining we will be putting on our wetsuits and snorkels for the 1st time and going in.

We returned to Boris and filled our faces once again on our own version of tapas or as we like to call it picky bits.

Tapas in Boris

As we sat there we could hear the wind getting stronger and stronger until it was almost like being on a boat as poor Boris got buffeted from side to side. It made for an interesting night’s sleep as we were rocked this way and that whilst listening to the wind howling around us. Needless to say the snorkelling went out of the window the next day, but we had a walk up to the lighthouse instead. Time to move then as we don’t want to risk another night like that especially as our £100 bike cover is now torn – looks like the good old duck tape will come in handy again.

We drove a few kilometres down the road to La Manga which is an 18 km strip of land in the middle of the sea with the med on one side and the sheltered bay of the mar menor on the other. As we drove through we looked out for possible parking places and spotted a couple of other motorhomes around the 7km mark at the bottom of a little side road looking onto the mar menor side. The two others parked there were both French and travelling together so in my school girl French I managed to ask whether we were ok for staying overnight and we much nodding and Oui, Oui ing we figured that we were ok.

Stunning Sunsets from our parking spot at la Manga

For the rest of the afternoon we headed off to the beach for a couple of hours of chilling. The next day off came the bikes and we rode the whole length of the strip and back a total of 36 km (thanks to the power assist function at times).

Around la Manga

We really wanted to stay over another night but there is a limit on how long we can go with performing emptying duties on the loo. So once again in school girl French with lots of pointing etc we found the sewer manhole cover in the road. With one man prizing it off and another manoeuvring it – there was suddenly much activity as in turn all 3 of us emptied out to enable us all to extend our stay.

With the promise of a Sunday market at Cabo the following day we hopped on our bikes again and cycled the 7 kms up there. I never bore of wandering round markets especially looking at all the different foods and the array of fresh fruit and veg. Duly stocked up with nuts, figs, olives and lots of fresh salad and fruit after stopping off for a coffee we cycled back. We decided that we would have lunch out today and so after dumping bikes back at Boris we strolled to the nearest restaurant a 10 minute walk away. Another great menu del dia was consumed consisting of Russian salad to start for Paul and Paella for me and cutlets of pork for main. Followed by coffee or desert (we opted for coffee as were too full by this point) and a drink all for 12 euros each.

Our conclusion on La Manga was that we are glad we have seen it and done it. The beaches are beautiful once again but now we have other than for the beach (or maybe the market) we don’t think we’d rush back.

Moving day again tomorrow as the weather is changing and a big storm is predicted.

Until next time


Andi & Paul x



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