Scenic drive to Aguillas

Aguillas N37.3955 W1.60392 Free beach parking

4th – 5th April 2016

Weather Cloudy with heavy rain showers

As the weather was forecast to change we decided to make tracks and head along the coast. The direct route to our next destination of Aguillas was only a 1 hr 20 min drive – we decided however to take the scenic coastal route which took us around 4 hours including a stop to empty and fill. The route took us through hill sides which looked down upon the clear blue ocean. In parts the area had been mined for stone and vast areas of the hillsides looked barren, now only containing the derelict buildings of the industry it once held.

Other than a little quarrying here and there the main industry now for the region appears to be from the vast amount of crops grown along this stretch from here down to Malaga. Beautiful scenery and coast line is often marred by mile after mile of plastic poly tunnels used to protect the crops. I suppose if we all want to east fresh fruit and veg it’s got to be grown somewhere!

After our scenic drive we eventually settled at a beach just outside of Aguillas for the night. We parked up just before the heavens opened and so used the time to catch up on all things admin. Blog writing, year end accounts for our business selling portable outdoor burners ( and finally getting our trip spends into shape by using the app spend tracker which throws up all sorts of info telling us how much we have spent on what so far. We are still amazed how cheaply we are able to do this for.


The following day was still raining heavily, but we didn’t let it stop us. Out with the golf brolly we headed into town for a mooch around. The town still has lots of Spanish charm and has not been overrun with tourism despite having a lovely sandy beach and castle overlooking the sands and port.

On route we ducked into a Chinese Bazar (these are all over Spain and Portugal) and sell everything and anything for the home and beyond. We can never resist a look and inevitably end up buying something we probably could live without. This one was particularly huge – more like a warehouse than a store!


More adventures soon


Love And and Paul x

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