Breathtaking drive and stunning scenery to Cabo De Gata

Cabo De Gata

8th April 2016

Weather Bright and sunny with spotty showers and a strong breeze 17 degrees

Another quick stop to fill and empty on route got us ready for another few days of wild camping. Although not everyone enjoys this type of camping we are loving the freedom of being able to just drive somewhere with gorgeous scenery and park up for the night. Having had a couple of caravans previously and having no choice therefore but to book on to campsites initially this type of camping all seemed a little alien to us and so we were a little nervous to start with. Now though it’s almost 2nd nature so we set out on today’s journey with no fixed destination in mind – just to drive through Cabo De Gata and find a spot to park for the evening. The drive and scenery is almost beyond words – surrounded by hills and the ocean it really is breath taking. Our route took us to Las Negras firstly and as we saw a few other motorhomes parked up we headed into the small town – we decided though not to stay and to head further into the park so continued through the village until we came to a very small alleyway – our only route out again. Inching Boris forward Paul went back and forth several times, me with head hung from the passenger window pulling in the wing mirror and directing him forwards and backwards until eventually with a small team of onlookers we got Boris’s rather large rear end through the far too tight gap. With a sigh of relief we continued our drive on to La Isletta where we spotted a few others parked next to the sea. Although a sign stated no overnight camping we decided to join the other campers and hope for the best. After the rain stopped we headed off for a walk in the evening sunshine taking in the quaint whitewashed village and awesome scenery all around.

(th & 10th April 2016

After just one night we headed off again with the intention of staying somewhere else in the park, but we soon realised that we’d already been there a few weeks prior as we headed north so skipped it this time and continued our journey on to Roquettes de Mar. Roquettes is a small tourist town next to the beach, but unfortunately is now surrounded by poly tunnels all around. Although the town itself and beach is pleasant enough the drive in and out can only be described as ugly. We parked up over the weekend which allowed us to watch some premiership football (which we are now totally out of touch with) and chill by the beach. There was a sharp wind this weekend though so no sunbathing for us!

We are heading inwards and upwards tomorrow to the Sierra Nevada region – just a little bit excited by this!!

See you all soon

Andi & Paul x

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