Garrucha & Mojacar

Garrucha & Mojacar

6th & 7th April 2016

Weather Now cheering up again 15 degrees and sunny

After taking the opportunity to fill up and empty again at a service station just outside Aguillas (N37.3887 W1.61581) for a huge fee of 1.5 euros we were good to go and wild camp again for another few days. We decided to head for Garrucha a Spanish market town just next to Mojacar. Due to the large gypsum works out at sea Garrucha has managed to escape the clutches of tacky tourism and remains true to its Spanish routes. It was a place we visited 12 months ago when staying at Mojacar and so we wanted to go back partly for old times sake and partly to re-visit a lovely Spanish restaurant we’d frequented previously. Arriving around lunchtime and parking up in the harbour (N37.1838 W1.8983) we headed off to La Simone restaurant and ordered 5 tapas dishes and a salad together with drinks and bread for a measly 16 euros.

Eating again Tapas at La Simone Garrucha


With very full bellies we didn’t need to eat again that day. With the need for a walk after lunch we strolled as far as the outskirts of Mojacar  and back before we headed back to Boris and didn’t move again for the rest of the day. The following day with the sun shining again in the sky we drove into Mojacar and parked up along the sea front for the day. We went out for a walk and a game of crazy golf before heading back to Boris.

We were unsure about parking overnight in Mojacar as had heard rumours of the police moving MH’s on, but just shortly after we got back Paul spotted the local Police so headed out to ask the question – he made himself understood with a mixture of broken Spanish and sign language and was promptly told NADA – not allowed – so off we head yet again. We new of a small Chiringuito (Beach Bar) the other side of town that allowed MH’s to park overnight so we headed there instead. The owner was very welcoming and we had another room with a view all for free. We felt it only polite though to head to the bar for a drink as he wasn’t charging us to park – sometimes you just have to do these things to be polite – huge sigh !!!!!! On returning to Boris we noticed that we had some English neighbours for the night so popped over to say “Hi”. A bottle of red wine later we felt like we were getting to know Jo & Stu. The evening didn’t end there though – sensibly we all decided that we should eat before reconvening again afterwards to continue our evening. Jo and Stu are away for six weeks (and have been doing this twice a year for the past 5 years). Lots of stories and tips were swapped and written down so that they weren’t forgotten again by morning. We had a great night swopping stories and by the time we went our separate ways it was 1am in the morning!

Boris Parking spot and gettin aquainted with our neighbours Jo & Stu

After a morning walk to a lookout point with views nearby we had blown away the cobwebs of the previous night, so we said our goodbyes and headed off once again this time towards Cabo De Gata.

Not a bad place for a morning walk

Join us again soon Andi and Paul xx

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