Searing temperatures in St George

11th – 14th August 2016

Ok, Ok I know we’re bragging about the weather again, but I’m sure you’ve never written a postcard from overseas and bragged that the weather is crap. When it is we just say it quietly or ignore it altogether, however if you read the blog avidly you will know we always seem to be saying that its a scorcher. We know we have been very lucky with the weather so far and long may it continue. With the forecast set to be yet another scorching few days we headed up the coast to St George De Didonne, a very pretty village just south of Royan with a beautiful beach on Gironde estuary. After parking up in one of the aires (which doubled up as a car park) we walked into town and discovered another parking area for motorhomes in a much prettier location overlooking the beach (45.596363 – 0.991989) so we planned to stay put for the 1st day and move the following morning. When we got there though the following day there were no spaces, but we decided to hang around for a short time in case anyone moved on and after around 1/2 hour our patience paid off and we were lucky to get a space. The coming weekend is a holiday weekend in France so we intend to stay put now for a few days. With the beach, gym and a cycle track right opposite and just a short stroll into the village the location was just perfect and at only 8 euros a night still very cheap. With a beach side free gym opposite after getting set up we headed off to make the most of it, working our way along the promenade utilising all the equipment. After having breakfast I finally persuaded Paul to try out his roller skates for the 1st time. With a cycle track just over the road we didn’t have far to go, although the fact that we actually had to get across a road to get there was quite a challenge in itself. With Paul promptly slipping on to his backside and me not being far behind the French in the motorhome next to us had quite a laugh at our expense. After only 5 minutes one of Paul’s wheels came off so that was the end of his little outing for today. I carried on for a while afterwards but it has to be said that neither of us are as nimble as we used to be!!

After lunch we waited for the temperatures to cool a little and made our way to the beach for a couple of hours R & R. In the evening we walked out to a night market after which there was a live band playing so we stopped off to enjoy the music and a glass of wine or two.

During our stay we cycled to Royan and large holiday resort further along the coast. it had been our intention to go there as our next stop, but having visited for the day we decided to give it a miss as it really wasn’t our kind of place. With live music on each evening there became somewhat of a pattern of activity (Gym, Cycling etc) followed by a couple of hours at the beach then an evening of live music. Happy days!!!

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  1. Congrats on not touching a drop of Cognac! You must be tough people or not like the spirit at all!
    And what a great time you are having in France. Wonderful how the weather gods spoil you. You must deserve it!


    1. Ha Ha we would have more than happily sampled the cognac had we have done the afternoon tour, but didn’t fancy a topple at 10am!!! We have enjoyed fab weather throughout so have been very lucky. Then I do think we are lucky people. We still need to bring the blog up to date as we are currently back in the UK, we will get around to it once we stop all the partying with family and friends xxx


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