Feliz año nuevo – Happy new year

With our new ACSI book and card for 2017 still not here we decided to stretch out our stay on Camping Pinar until after new year. We’d been really lucky to meet a great bunch of people and had managed to at least feel festive over the Christmas period. New years eve got off to a bit of a shaky start, firstly the bar was closed from 8pm  until 11pm, however this didn’t deter a large group of Brits wanting to celebrate the new year so with arrangements in place for use of a conservatory area where we could take our own drinks (until the bar opened) we were all set. Being a little eager along with our neighbours Mark and Ann we were the 1st to arrive and whilst organising some tables and chairs were interrupted by two Swedish guys who were not too happy that the bar was closing (in our opinion they’d had more than enough already) and were getting more and more agitated and aggressive. After trying to break in with no success they then made more than a nuisance of themselves in reception threatening the staff and customers and couldn’t be calmed down. Eventually the police arrived and removed them from the site – I don’t think they’d have seen in the new year in quite the way they planned! It didn’t take us long to get into the swing of things once they’d gone though and some of the guys on site did a great job organising a karaoke and music. Without much persuasion Paul got up there for a sing song – no recording I’m afraid but I do have pics! Celebrating both the Spanish New Year at midnight and our own at 1am we eventually rolled into bed around 3am. it’s certainly been a while since we’ve done that!

New Years Eve celebrations at camping Pinar

Surprisingly we were both feeling fine the next day and blew away the cobwebs of our late night by having a long beach walk to Trafalgar lighthouse.

With Gibralter in our sights for a stop off some time soon, the following day we had planned to head off. Our new laptop battery that we bought when back in the UK recently has now gone fizz along with the new 12v charger we purchased so currently we can only use the laptop when plugged in to EHU!


Hasta la vista

Andi and Paul x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris and Peter says:

    And a Happy and Healthy New Year, full of wonderful travel adventures to you!


    1. Hi Chris & Peter,

      And the very same sentiments to you. Thanks to you both for avidly following our blog (sorry due to laptop issues its a bit sporadic at the mo).
      Wishing you both a wonderful 2017 🙂
      Love Andi & Paul xxx


  2. Thank you for great blogs they are very good I was in Murcia in Nov Dec had to cancel my credi cards which took two week to arrive by reg Mail by then I was on my way home for xmas the lady on site posted them home to me which also took two weeks back to Ireland from date of posting . Lady and Family are really kind and Her Brother does repairs on site camper stop cartegena Camino civil del sift on Lat 37.6536. Long-100333 . Regards Tom


    1. Hi Tom

      Sounds like you had a similar experience to us, but at least ours is only our camping books & card not bank cards! Thanks so much for the info, it’s much appreciated.

      Happy new year & happy travels.

      Andi & Paul


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